My favorite, and some suggestions (Fan Creations)

by roland ⌂ @, Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 14:13 (3419 days ago) @ dogcow

Yes, this! I loved the ambiance, & it was so well done. What was that music, it was from Myth, yes? To counter the mixing criticism, the mixing/balance/levels/whatever sounded pretty good to me (on my bose headphones). The background did not interfere with my ability to enjoy & understand the voice actors.

Thanks! The music is an original composition of mine that I submitted waaaaay back in the day for the Halo Zune contest :) You can download the track here: http://www.themarathonmusic.com/music/halo/Ode_to_an_Opus_Halo_or_a_Master_Chief_Concerto_Movement_4_or_Prelude_Fanta...

That's really interesting that the background/balance/mixing doesn't bug you... this really encompasses the problem I have because it sounds good to some but not to others. I only have my own set of ears and it's not clear how to fix an issue like this when it sounds good to me. I've gained a lot of respect for people that do this professionally.

Likewise, the only thing I don't like about these (pretty much love everything else) is the intro voice. Maybe I've listened to dinklebot too much, but I feel it's too expressive and also hard to understand. I feel the 'ghost' intro could benefit from being toned down a little bit and also be a little less processed/computerized). I do like the fact that the computerized introduction is consistent across all cards, that helps to tie them all together, so I vote you keep the little intro guy.

Thanks again. I'll see what I can do to retain an intro but change the voice a bit to make it easier to understand.

Please make more, I really enjoyed the ones I've listened to!

Will do. They're fun to make.

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