Woo hoo! Answered my question!

by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Friday, March 15, 2013, 19:42 (2787 days ago) @ Xenos
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Just got the time to read the mail sack, and noticed they answered my question!

Xenos85 What class of the announced classes is your favorite?

The classiest one.
Cameron Pinard, Artist

Warlock, but I am a sucker for magic users.
Drew Smith, Producer

My favorite class switches weekly (or daily).
Rahsaan Green, Sandbox Test Engineer

Currently dueling between the Hunter and Warlock. The Titan may come crashing in and punch them in the face at any moment.
Andrew Weldon, Designer

Hunter. Fell in love the first time I met her. Jaime Jones painted the first hunter permutation as female and in my mind associated with that class more as a result. Combination of speed and strength. I also liked the shorter cape and rather sexier shape.
Lorraine McLees, Senior Graphic Designer

Two Words: Titan [Redacted]!
Amos Yuen, Associate Engineer

Titan Vanguard maybe? If nothing else it confirms one of two possible things (maybe more but I can't think of them): different races (very doubtful) or advanced classes.

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