More musings on Charlemagne and Joyeuse

by SunshineDuk, Saturday, March 16, 2013, 15:02 (2873 days ago) @ SunshineDuk

So let's look at the description again.

“The City wants us to recover a piece of Charlemagne, one of the great Warminds of the Golden Age—a vast machine intelligence built by the ancient Powers of Mars. The Cabal do everything they can to try and stop our descent, but we keep pushing, rifles cracking and Traveler energy boiling from our fists until the only thing left standing is us, and the only thing left of the Cabal is the loot they hid in Charlemagne’s vault."

The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that Joyeuse will be some element of Charlemagne. Charlemagne itself is presumably a long-dead AI, but perhaps we as players will be able to combine recovered fragments to recreate Joyeuse. It makes sense that we'd have some sort of AI leading and coordinating player efforts, perhaps brought online a ways after the game begins.

I wonder if perhaps we won't see Charlemagne return in some capacity as a villainous AI? I'm not saying this will be Marathon all over again, but Bungie does love sending human AIs off to alien civilizations and seeing how they react. Perhaps the mind behind the Vex (who do TIME TRAVEL, note, perhaps to before Charles Magnus was offline?) is more familiar than we might think.

And then, indeed, what better weapon to stop Charlemagne than his own sword?

Also of interest is the way "The City" is both capitalized and personified. Who is our air traffic controller here? Who assigns missions to us? Is it an AI? Some remnant of the Traveler? Or perhaps just a high council of Guardians?

I am all sorts of eagerly curious.

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