Favorite Bungie story and why? (Off-Topic)

by Fuertisimo, Monday, May 18, 2015, 19:55 (3293 days ago)

I was going over some things over at Marathon's Story earlier and it reminded me just how much I appreciated the complexity of Marathon Infinity's story, and how much story actually informed my love of games in general.

Despite that though, I think the TFL's story is still my favorite... Not because it was especially complex, or even terribly original, but because of the gravitas with which it was told. There was an emotional resonance, enhanced through excellent voice work and music, that really stuck with me over time. I can still go dial up the journal entries on youtube and soak it in.

I'm curious where other people stand with that though, since there are plenty of good choices (even Pathways! Which was remarkable in that era just for having a story past shoot the demons).

So what's your fave? Gotta be a lot of people on here who love a good story.

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