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by NsU Soldier @, Washington, Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 21:53 (3461 days ago) @ ExigentContact
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I've continued to advance some of my speculation, continuing off of the recent addition. It does pull a bit on leaked materials, so if you dislike looking into that stuff, don't read on ahead. I won't put the text here, and instead link for safety. I'll be expanding it in the days ahead. Hope this doesn't come off as too "advertisement"-y for my stuff. Alas.

Destiny Speculation

Some really good speculation in there!

I just want to add that if the second text is about Mars becoming habitable, it would be because of terraforming not a natural cycle or what have you. Especially if this is about someone analyzing humanity.

Why do I think this?

"Your voice flows across the red rock
and through the dead valleys, speaking in code
and goads."

I take that to mean that the terraformers (humanity) are guiding the process (goading), probably through some sort of mechanical means (code).


"Every moment matters. And from a great
distance, in the midst of a thousand careful
disasters, you watch the transformation
with your own eyes."

"Careful disasters" speak of engineering, ergo me thinking it's been purposefully terraformed. And watching these unfold from "a great distance" makes me think of a ship in space guiding multiple processes down on the Martian surface.

Cool stuff.

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