Re: Oh, goody. More fuel for my fires.

by ExigentContact, Thursday, February 14, 2013, 07:45 (3464 days ago) @ NsU Soldier

Very good observation. My line of thinking was more "yeah, this is terraforming, but is it one that is technologically aided, or a gradual reseeding?" There are currently some working ideas to terraform Mars with little more than greenhouses and Earth plants in real life. It would be an arduously slow process, at first, but certainly fitting with "goading" and the like. Of course, the extent of technological interference may simply only be computer monitors observing the action. Code could also refer to a certain ideological method to terraforming, though that is unlikely.

"Careful disasters" is also very interesting because it could mean a variety of things. My first thought is that it meant whoever is behind the process is/was bombarding the surface with culled asteroids with that contain water and other life-supporting materials. That's a more far-fetched method of terraforming. It could also refer to the notion of gradual reseeding, which basically uses global warming-- a very deleterious (and hot button issue in modern times) method back here on Earth.

But going back over it, I'm in concurrence. It's a man-made rebirth, perhaps using slower, naturalistic methods that are feasible in today's theories and models. The way our narrator (who I believe is The Traveler) is speaking makes it seem like a dialogue meant for us, humanity. Its observations on the Solar System, the planets, and mankind.

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