Dinklebot is out. Welcome Nolanbot (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Tuesday, August 04, 2015, 14:19 (3278 days ago) @ CougRon

"Not only does Nolan North play Ghost in the new content in The Taken King, but Bungie also had North re-record all of the original dialogue to create a consistent storytelling experience from beginning to end. “We wanted Nolan North’s version of the Ghost to wake you up at the start of the journey at level one and follow you all the way to level forty,” says creative director Luke Smith. With this change, the Ghost’s script will remain the same, but Peter Dinklage’s voicing of those lines will not be present in the game."

Woh... this blew my mind. They are not only replacing Dinklebot, they are wiping him from existence!

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