Deeply Flawed Raiders T-Shirt Contest! (relaunch) (DBO)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Thursday, August 06, 2015, 02:21 (3183 days ago)

Okay you all, I posted this back in June, and then E3 happened the same week, and then Bungie day happened, and then life happened, and I've been waiting for a quiet week to kick this off again.

Now's the time, and this time I'm going to be more explicit about prizes (and don't worry, Bigarm, I know what you agreed to help with and I won't put you on the hook for more).

Some guidelines

1. Submit a design in this thread before August 10 at 8 p.m. EST. If you've already submitted a design you're in.

2. We'd prefer you include the words “Deeply Flawed Raiders” in your design, but if you have a great design that somehow manages to communicate that without words, well, let's see it!

3. Collaborate! History has shown that this forum is full of artistic geniuses with a flair for design, and when we critique each other we get better. Make suggestions, offer feedback. I'll include ideas we've already gotten below, and you can work with those, too.

4. A simple design is probably best--it should look good on a t-shirt, so limit the colors. Bigarm and I will choose, and we might have a third TBD DBOer to cast a tie-breaking vote, if necessary.


The winner will receive The Taken King Digital Collector's Edition on a platform of your choice.

The runner-up will receive a Deeply Flawed Raiders t-shirt.


The winner is whoever submits the winning design, or takes an unexecuted idea that becomes the winning design.

The runner-up needn't have submitted the actual design, but came up with the idea, or modified the winning design significantly. There is some subjectivity here, but the idea is we want you to collaborate and not compete with each other. We just want the best design.

Here's what we have so far. Click the links to read the artists' commentary (if any) in the original posts.

1. Revenant's ideas.
And here:

2. CommandrCleavage's take.

3. Red Robber's idea.

4. Breitzen's idea.
(He also said he had a second design, but I don't see it posted.)

5. Bones' idea.

6. Destroyoboy's ideas.

There are some other ideas in that original thread that haven't been attempted by anyone. Here's one from me. Destroyo had the idea of having something like a comic book cover with the three class types. Some other indicator to indicate their flawed nature might be good, too, but that might be challenging.

Post feedback on what we have. Redo something we have. Come up with something better on your own. Let's just design a cool shirt, shall we?



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