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by zappy13, Thursday, February 14, 2013, 21:13 (4086 days ago) @ Xenos

Even the largest body lets itself be pushed where it
needs to be, seduced into nice, warm loving orbits.
Persistence is the key.

A gravitational tug to move Jupiter around? Impressive. Are warm, loving orbits life-sustaining ones in habitable zones? Is this where Jupiter is now, or has it been moved?

Seafloors transform and then yank themselves
skyward, shattering the icy crust as new worlds
awaken inside the swirling depths.

You build homes of ocean laid over stone; giant
and tiny, surrounding this half-born sun ripped by
storms and supersonic wind.

This sounds like the ice-covered moons of Jupiter.

You deliver your last orders to an army that needs
nothing anymore---not instruction, courage or
even prayers---and then you hide again.

In ecstasy they search you, finding nothing but
dense quiet dropping from the stars.

This sounds like the army is searching for you in ecstasy. So who would order their own army to search for them, and then hide? And who would search in ecstasy? Zealots seeking their god? I'm thinking of S'pht and S'pht'Kr, as well as Jarro/Yrro. And of course the Covenant's search for the Forerunner and Halo.

This is getting me very excited.

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