Day 4 of the ARG has been solved

by MrGreencastle, Thursday, February 14, 2013, 23:59 (4082 days ago) @ Ragashingo

I had a strange thought after reading today's image. What is the Traveler is talking about itself when saying "you".

At the end it says:
"You build homes of ocean laid over stone; giant
and tiny, surrounding this half-born sun ripped by
storms and supersonic wind.

Maybe the Traveler helped this Jupiterian society along by encouraging proper circumstances, that it was at some point worshiped.

You deliver your last orders to an army that needs
nothing anymore---not instruction, courage or
even prayers---and then you hide again.

Again, refering to itself delivering orders to this society or army, then leaving. Which leads to:

In ecstasy they search you, finding nothing but
dense quiet dropping from the stars."

Perhaps refering to that society again trying to find the Traveler, desperate for the Traveler's aid in advancing them further.

I'm probably completely wrong, but it's fun to speculate again!

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