by CaneCutter @, Alabama, Friday, February 15, 2013, 05:49 (4171 days ago) @ Avateur

So, this has probably been painfully obvious for almost everyone here, but it's something I just noticed this morning. I pulled up all the solutions thus far and noticed that each passage is sitting beside each geomancy. And these geomancies are also shown at positions relative to each other and appear to mark the planet/celestial body position on the same star chart. This furthers a belief that I have that each passage is relevant to the body it sits beside (again, y'all probably knew this from day one so please forgive my ignorance). Now whether the passage belongs to the natives of said body or from The Traveler's experiences there, I'm not sure. I just found that both telling and interesting and maybe it's something that other people have overlooked as well.

Now, on to my question(s). What does the relative position of each body mean?. I'm not an astrologist by any means nor do I even have a decent grasp of space, but, I do know that you can use the position of stars, planets, etc. to either date events or possibly predict them. Looking at the position of these bodies, does that point to any historical event or predicted event that we know of? Perhaps that might hold a few clues?

- CC An intrigued but decidedly ignorant follower of Destiny.

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