Re: looking separate from where you're aiming (Gaming)

by kidtsunami @, Atlanta, GA, Sunday, August 30, 2015, 13:13 (2588 days ago) @ Cody Miller

After playing that I thought the solution would have been to have the game control like Halo or Destiny, with the left thumbstick moving, the right aiming, and the head tracking letting you look around at stuff you aren;t shooting. There were a few games like that, but these have an even more serious problem. Every time I used the right stick to turn, I immediately felt sick. The effect was instant. Basically any time my viewpoint was changing, and my head is stationary, I felt nauseous.

I've got a DK2 kit and also had an opportunity to play TF2 on a DK back in the day and found that looking separately from aiming worked just fine for me. It was actually awesome. I was able to put suppressing fire down a hallway while keeping an eye on what was happening in my periphery.

Whenever the problem is "doing X makes you sick" it's not a matter of not doing it in VR, it's a matter of resolving the issue causing that. In a lot of cases we've found that you to have tween/interpolate camera changes in a very fine tuned way to prevent that disconnect between your inner ear and what you're perceiving from causing you to blow chunks. Hopefully they can fix it for you.

Anyways, awesome write up, really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to more and more people getting their hands on VR.

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