The Exo Stranger, Founder of the Future War Cult? (Destiny)

by Funkmon @, Wednesday, September 23, 2015, 08:05 (2806 days ago) @ narcogen

Because they DO appear connected, they are likely the same person.

The universe in Destiny is young adult novel small. For example. Bella has a problem with the ruling class of vampires, and Carlisle happens to be old friends with them. Or, Tris has a problem with Janeane, and it just so happens her brother is working with her. Or, there needs to be a new president of Panem, so Commander Paylor, an otherwise unremarkable character only known through the virtue of having once been in a scene with Katniss, gets elected.

In Destiny, Toland has Bad Juju, and is also the guy we use for reference about hive stuff, AND was part of Eris's fireteam. Cayde is not just the hunter guy, but the guy who gave them cloaking, and the guy who allowed us to get to the dreadnought. Even Praedyth, who succumbed to the gorgons, wiping him from existence (which I think we can infer from all the stories about Kabr fighting alone and nobody knowing about him), shows up in the new story. They have like 20 people they use over and over.

Considering this, I highly doubt this character would be so well developed and NOT used as the stranger, particularly with how the two relate. In the real world, I'd say "there's no real indication of the two being one in the same, and you're a conspiracy theorist." In Destiny, they're definitely the same person.

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