Destiny Videos - Cutscenes from the Game

This library contains all of the cutscenes included in Destiny, launched on September 30, 2014, for archival purposes. You can watch streaming versions here, or download copies for personal use. Thanks to Cody Miller for the recording work. These videos are in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound (depending on version). As new expansions are launched, we'll add new content.

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(Opening Cutscene - Space Battle against Oryx)
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Opening Cutscene Cosmodrome Opening Ship Takeoff The Tower Tower Landing The Speaker First Moon Landing A Stranger Appears A Message from Venus First Venus Landing The return of the stranger The Reef Meeting the Queen The Gate Lord's Head First Mars Landing The Heart of the Black Garden Ending Cutscene Credits The Dark Below Intro The House of Wolves Intro Introduction to the Reef Lighthouse The Taken King Opening Space Battle against Oryx

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