Eris: Origins

She woke, wedged into the receding shelf of a cave or crevice. She had to surmise this: she was prone, confined on all sides by what felt like roughly hewn stone, in complete blackness. It was so pitch that she was not entirely sure she was alive: aside from the stabbing confines of her encasement, […]

The Lonely Fall of Andal Brask

“This isn’t like the six fronts, Cayde.”   They were in a high scrub bluff, on the last ridge before the climbs of the glacier above; leagues ahead of them, down the broken spines of the mountain’s roots, the city was on fire beneath its pearl. The moon hung full and cold in the sky, […]

the fall of the city and the last guardian part 1.

Hello there i am a guardian protector of the last city on earth. or so i was. this is the story of how the last city on earth was destroyed. as i started to fly into the city a saw a faint light on the edge of the walls. as i am a guardian (at […]

Garret Cole Part 1

“An enthusiast of the drink are we guardian?” Garret Cole slowly turned toward his left shoulder expecting a face to greet him with inquiring eyes. What he found caused his head to jerk  backward and his hand to loosen the grip on the glass of clear liquid, which fell the short distance back to the bar […]

The Legend of Titan Ish-Kaneel Part 1

  Could it be? No. He had been dead for many years. The Ghost moved towards the body of a dead Titan. He had been collecting data for the Vanguard in Old Russia, but he never thought that he would find this. “czzk– Another dead one. -czzk“   The Ghost moved closer to the guardian […]

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Will of Crota

“Okay boys?” I looked around the room to see if any of the other Guardians would respond. Only a Guardian under the callsign of ‘Bearing’ said in a gravelly, deep voice “Ready as we’ll ever be.” “Here is what we are dealing with,” said the commander. He pulled up a picture of a Witch who […]

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“The Last Man” My Hunters Backstory – Garret Cole

The sound of gunfire split through the trees below. Sweat dripped from the brow of a slender man as he wiped the inside of his helmet with the tattered corner of his grey cloak. Setting the helmet down on the seat of his sparrow, Garret Cole began to tie his long black hair at the […]

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Shadows, Part 1

If speech had a physical body, then the Hall of the Guardians was the vast emptiness of space. Around the extended octagonal table that stretched a fair length of the room stood the leaders of the City, the heads of the factions and the Guardians that protected all those that lay cradled in the arms […]

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The exo awakening Chapter one

This is my first fan fiction about destiny please tell me what you think and give me some advice on what i can do to make it better thankyou   Everything was dark, It was kind of peaceful. “Am I dead?” I ask myself. No reply, In the dark there is a little light, a […]

The Smallest of Things

Roaring, deafening sounds echoed around the ruined city. A massive figure crashed it’s armoured fist against it’s chest in defiance of the tiny figure approaching through the swirling red dust. The small figure was quick in comparison it’s opponent but did not have the advantage of heavy armour and musculature that dwarfed even that of […]

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