Rage, Beyond the Dark Mirror: III

Why do you create this thing of me, This horrid hate I rage of is your doing, I do not wish to be! Not to create with this vernal tongue, Nor annihilate, nor expunge, nor eviscerate, No! I wish to be destroyed, to sublimate back Into the maw of this origin: To be no longer, not […]

Rage, Beyond the Dark Mirror: II

This nettling scourges me: Did I bear you? What strange origin birthed you? Was my primacy a myth, Merely a gasp between great swells, A rivulet of doom run dry? Did my chaos feed your singularity, Nurturing on my pandemonium? Do you draw from me, Even as you bleed into my depths? What strange force […]

Rage, Beyond the Dark Mirror: I

Never was this realm your birthright! Before you I was tantamount, Prime, assumed, without language, Without thought or meaning or being, Infinite, Nonexistent. Form had not come to be, But from absence, You shaped our reality. You wish to form, You insist being, Diseased existence of my slumbering desolation!

The Electric And Long Dead (Part I) by Sonny Giordano

Cerberus-11 rarely stopped to visit the Last City anymore. It was a ragged haven for many, but he had never found his place amongst them. It never wore on his resolve to fight for the citizens, however. But all the same, he felt more comfortable in the tower. It was where guardians belonged, after all. […]

Formless, Before the Dark Mirror: III

Ever do I assail your sight, The creeping edge of your extremity, And the wane of your sunset is the edge of my blade. In the furnace of your light I am the choking exhale, Suffocating the flame you forge for them, The trespassing ebb of the hope you foment. I germinate in fear without […]

Formless, Before the Dark Mirror: II

You shocked across my expanse, A crystallizing reverb waking the void, Your simulacrum tracing the confluences of awareness: You appeared, you were beheld, rightly you were anointed. You blew bigness into tiny beings, But only inflating, never buttressing. Ever you sought love But received only worship. You gave without hope of gain, And grew weeds in […]

Formless, Before the Dark Mirror: I

You swam in my void, And I became your chasing ripples. In the loom of light you wove your song, And in it I traced my absence like a cypher. I grew in your twilight As you waxed in my gloam. I was the quizzical shatter of echoes That broke the dreaming lines of your […]

Why Hunters are Hunters

Have you ever wondered why hunters are stuck up? Why they always try to one up Titans and warlocks? Why they never take anything seriously? As a warlock I always thought they were just asses for the sake of it. But, if you get a hunter a little drunk their explanation will shock you. If […]

Frontier – Act01 Chapter02 – Telemica

Mars Elysium Planitia West of the Elysium Mons volcano The sinister powder brought to bare by a Martian sandstorm could be considered far more dangerous than any Cabal rocket round. Fine enough to get into everything and coarse enough to do a lot of damage once it’s there. When whipped about by super-high winds, the sand […]

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Fronter – Chapter01 Act01 – Solas

Venus Aphrodite Terra, Ovda Regio The sound of distant active volcanoes seemed almost artificially muted so deep in the vast Venusian rainforest. The boom and rumble bounced and distorted off the thick trunks of the local flora so much so that to the uninitiated, it was as if the canopy itself was voicing its displeasure […]

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