Out of the Darkness

From the darkness came Light.

Arya gasped. Breath filled her lungs, her eyes snapped open, and her heart began to beat.

“Gaurdian!” said a strange voice. Ayra’s eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light shining in her eyes. “Who are you?” she cautiously inquired?

“A Ghost!” the little floating machine responded. “Actually, I’m your Ghost.”

“Where are we?” Arya’s head was spinning. She looked past Ghost and saw a sea of stars. Ghost followed her gaze. “It’s been so long, I’m not completely certain where we are… somewhere past Mars, probably near the Reef.”

It was then Ayra realized she was floating. She turned away from the large glass window; they were in a cryo-bay. She floated back to the only open pod. It’s label bore the name: Arya Rey. The un-opened pods on the left and right had the names: Samantha Rey and Emma Rey. She looked closer, their faces peaceful, but lifeless.

“My sisters, can you…” She looked at Ghost with hopeful eyes.

“No, I’m sorry.” Ghost said with a somber tone. “The Light chose you.”

“Chose me… for what?” Arya turned away from her sister’s caskets to face Ghost.

“To be the spark that ignites the Light. To drive back the Darkness.”


“Well, first we need to find a ship. Come on, I’m sure you have more questions. I’ll fill you in on the way.”

And so into the darkness went Light, and the darkness could not overcome it.

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