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The House of Mist [Pt.7]

Note: All English Discussion is Italicized, and Eliksni is not. Evergreen Point, Pacific Northwest.House Mist Territory+33 days It had been a week since Nicole had covered all the holes in the walls and ceiling with the wooden sheets Rykis had helped her purchase. They worked wonderfully in conjunction with a heater Jasix had brought her […]

The House of Mist [Pt.6]

Abandoned Industrial Sector, Pacific Northwest +24 Days Unfortunately, Nicole’s hunt for viable building materials and decor had turned up nothing that she could actually use. They had found more than one warehouse full of old building materials, however the issue changed into how they were going to transport the resources they found. The Ghost mentioned […]

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The House of Mist [Pt.5]

NE 4th ST, South Bellevue Ruins +2 Days Nicole hurried across Bellevue with Rykis and the other Fallen that had survived the ambush. The Baron’s den was completely across town from where they had stowed the vehicles. It was the final hour before dawn, and a few flurries of snow had blown in while they […]

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The House of Mist [Pt.4]

[Part 4] Floor 5, Tower 27 [Formerly known as Evergreen Point Resort and Spa], North Medina +1 Day Nicole awoke in the old hotel room to her Ghost tapping her visor. She had slept in her armor since there was no way she would sleep on this mattress until she had cleaned it. Taking a […]

The House of Mist [Pt.3]

[Part 3] Kell’s Throne Room, Downtown ruins, Seattle +0 Days [+5 hours] More Fallen had arrived over the course of the next half hour, filling the throne room. There were quite a few of the taller ones kneeling below the Kell’s platform. The one that could speak her language, he had finally introduced himself as […]

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The House of Mist [Pt.2]

[Part 2] 5 meters underground, Old Shoreline, Northern Seattle +0 Days The small machine drifted through the ruined tunnel. Centuries ago, it was filled with commuters trying to get to work or the next city over; now all that lived here were the ferns and moss that clung to life where the ground had given […]

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The House of Mist [Pt.1]

[Prologue] I died. I do not know exactly how, or when, just that I did. But then I came back. Recast in Light by a Traveler’s Ghost. At the time I didn’t know anything, what had happened, where I was. The only hint of my identity was a faded security badge and a sidearm that […]

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