Des2ny Reveal Anticipation Thread (Destiny)

by DMHCook, Ohio, Monday, May 15, 2017, 20:03 (10 days ago) @ Korny

What if clans were grouped into different types based on size (say, member thresholds of 5, 15, 30, 100, 500) and you could compete with other similarly-sized clans in events for early access to unique rewards (event-exclusive emblems, weapon/armor skins, or specific exotic/Legendary loot (similar to Queen's Wrath loot) to be distributed to all participating members of the clan), and prestige on tiered leaderboards?

I could definitely see something like this happening. Maybe rather than grouping based on clan size, events change based on how many clanmates "sign up" per week (or whatever the reset timeframe is)

And what if your clans could enter into alliances with other clans to compete against other alliances in a similar fashion during major events or special contests, and you could coordinate events and such through alliance-only chat groups?

Yeah, this kind of stuff is what I'd love to see. More functionality that allows the community the creative freedom to make more out of the game.

What if your clan leaders could set exclusive competitions for the clan, where members of the clan could donate to a reward pool and compete amongst themselves (similar to the custom Challenges in Reach) in special clan-based PvE or PvP matches?

This, to me, seems more along the lines of something that can already be done? My clan does giveaways and competitions with prizes currently which I think is awesome, but I'm not 100% sure I can imagine something in-game being too big of a benefit? Unless I'm misinterpreting the idea here.

And best of all, what if your clan could have a procedurally-generated mini-questline similar to Shadow of Mordor's "Nemesis System", where members would have to look for clues in different story missions (finding special enemies and such, similar to Urzok, who show up to kill members of your clan) in order to hunt down special bosses (Barons, Prime Servitors, Centurions, etc...) that have some unique attacks (such as Orbiks Prime's teleporting move). Once all participating clan members defeat this special boss, the entire clan gets an exotic engram, or 50 Motes, or something neat, and clan leaders can highlight the members of the clan who contributed the most for some special reward tiers...

Yeah... Sure would be great to see a clan system as robust as that...

This seems like a cool idea, but also a bit of a stretch haha.

Honestly, here are a few things I'd be overjoyed to see:

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