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This Week At Bungie - March 3

Yesterday, Bungie posted their latest weekly summary - it contains an archive of the first Bungie Ridealong since their Twitch studio went live (fascinating watch, discussing the Dreadnaught and how the designers thought about you when they built it), info about a new Hotfix dropping next week, player support hints, and some great movies of the week. Local, as well, of course. Go read it!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Mar 4, 2016 10:55 am | link

This Week at Bungie - Feb 25

Yesterday, Bungie summarized their progress for the past week (and hinted at upcoming activities) in the latest missive on Details about how their Twitch.TV channel is going to work, help for folks needing help, and some cool fan-created movies make up the bulk. As always, we have a local copy. Go read!

TAGS: twab, bwu
Claude Errera | Feb 26, 2016 09:25 am | link

This Week At Bungie (and more!)

The latest weekly update at Bungie is live - visit to see their new streaming studio, get details about next week's Iron Banner, and see fun community vids. While you're there, notice the update that as a whole has received, and take a look at the patch notes explaining today's minor game update (basically, they added the ability to give you a free ghost if you played Crimson Days last week). Both the update and the patch notes are local, as usual.

Claude Errera | Feb 18, 2016 03:31 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - Feb 11

This Week At Bungie, there's an announcement of upcoming content - a "large expansion" later this year, and "a full Destiny sequel" in 2017. Nice! There's also some info about matchmaking in Crimson Doubles, some extra info about the Crimson Days event, and the traditional fan content. Go give it a full read! (Comments can be directed to the forum thread started by CyberKN.) As usual, there's a local copy.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Feb 11, 2016 02:43 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Upd... Err... This Week At Bungie!

The Bungie Weekly Update has had a name change! In This Week At Bungie, DeeJ and a few other Bungie employees cover some of the big changes coming in the February update next Tuesday. Just to mention a couple: Special Ammo changes are coming in 3v3 playlists and Ogres will lost the ability to teleport! Go read it to see the rest (or view it locally)!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Xenos | Feb 4, 2016 03:05 pm | link

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