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31 March 2016
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This Week At Bungie - 03/31/2016

This week at Bungie we unveiled new rewards for your Guardian.

"New Things to Earn" was the theme of our second live preview of the April Update. We strutted through the Reef in some new armor. We channeled our inner Light to customize our gear. We explored new ways to acquire loot, upgrade it, and store it in a bigger Vault. We journeyed in new Ships to the sands of Mars to trick out our weapons and race some fresh Sparrows.

Did you miss the show? If you did, there's no need to worry. Here's a recap of the entire happening:

Too long did not watch:

  • The April Update will provide new Armor and Weapons for your Guardian
  • Chroma is a new material that enables you to add a luminous glow to your character
  • Sterling Treasure boxes are a source of new Armor, Chroma, Ships, Sparrows, and Boosts
  • You can earn a total of three Sterling Treasure boxes each week
    • Play one weekly Crucible match featured in the Director
    • Emerge triumphant from the Level 41 Prison of Elders
    • Visit a Postmaster in the Tower or the Reef
  • Eververse has Sterling Treasure boxes, too, along with new Emotes for your Guardian
  • Vault Space is being expanded with one additional tab for Armor, Weapons, and General items
  • Some popular Year One Legendary Weapons are making a comeback in Year Two
  • Chroma can be added to Weapons allowing you to customize the look of your gun for the first time
  • There is also a Taken Sword. And it's pretty wicked...

The Reef is the center of the action in the April Update, but it's a little dark for a proper fashion show. Here are the new spring lines in all their luminous glory.


Spektar Heliopause
Dead Orbit Chroma-Compatible

Spektar Kallipolis
New Monarchy Chroma-Compatible

Spektar Infinite
Future War Cult Chroma-Compatible

"They are Taken..." -Eris Morn

Your application of Chroma may vary, where compatible. You can mix and match armor pieces and Chroma materials to create a unique look that's the perfect complement to your sparkling personality. Report to the Reef in a post-April-Update world to begin adding to your collection, and let you inner light shine through.

Correction: Mentioned on steam, but not actually true:

  • "Year One Legendary Weapons will drop from Legendary Engrams..."
    • In reality, Year One Legendary Weapons come from Vanguard/Crucible reward packages
    • Level up with the Quartermasters for a chance to gain a Year One Legendary with up to 330 Light
    • Reputations gains have increased greatly in Strikes, the Crucible, and Prison Of Elders

If we inspected our Vaults too fast for you take an accurate count, here is the full list of Year One Legendary Weapons (including my beloved Shadowprice, OMG) that are about to be added to the potential reward pool for Vanguard and Crucible reward packages:

  • The Devil You Know
  • Shadow Price
  • LDR 5001
  • Badger CCL
  • The Comedian
  • Y-09 Longbow Synthesis
  • Grim Citizen III
  • Two to the Morgue
  • Zombie Apocalypse WF47
  • The Saterienne Rapier
  • Lord High Fixer

Some of your favorite Exotics are making a comeback, too! Pay a visit to DestinyTheGame on Instagram to take inventory.

If you've got it, they'll never see it coming.

A photo posted by DestinyTheGame (@destinythegame) on

Mark your calendars. We have one more preview planned:

April Update Preview: Sandbox & Crucible Updates
Wednesday, April 6th - 11AM Pacific

Guardian fashions are not the only things about to change. Sub-Classes can change. Weapons can change. Special Ammo can change? Stay tuned to find out.

It's the Question That Drives Us

On the heels of the stream, we heard from Datto. He had some things he wanted to know about the April Update.

Datto: In last week's stream, Variks was no longer selling Ships and Shaders from Year One. Will people still be able to get these after the April Update? Or are they gone forever?

They're not gone forever. You'll find them in reward packages that you earn when you achieve a new rank with the House of Judgement. Please Variks to earn his old wares. Yesssss?

Datto: Does the Taken/Spektar gear that is obtained from the Sterling Treasure boxes feature randomly-rolled bonuses? Or are the bonuses the same every single time?

Like any of the Legendary items that you earn in Destiny, the new Armor will draw perks at random from a pool of potential attributes. This includes the Intellect, Discipline, and Strength ratings, as well as the talent nodes. Regardless of the bonuses, Armor acquired from Sterling Treasure boxes will always start at 3 Light. You'll need to earn Infusion-fuel in the form of higher-level gear from the playable Activities that grant those rewards.

Datto: Are Exotics also lossless with regards to the new Infusion system?

Short Answer: Yes.

Longer Answer: Infusion works the same way wherever the node can be found. In the April Update, the stronger item applies its full strength to the weaker item. Thus, a 3 Helmet becomes a 335 Helmet, as we're no longer splitting the difference.

Datto: If I have a Year One Legendary weapon that is "returning" to Year Two, will I be able to Infuse the Year One version?

Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer: Bringing selected favorites from the Year One Legendary arsenal forward into Year Two isn't like upgrading an Exotic Weapon in your collections kiosk. You'll need to earn the Year Two versions of Legendary Weapons again, this time from the reward packages that are granted when you rank up with the Vanguard or Crucible Quartermasters.

Datto:  You obtained the Spektar Hood, but you also had the Spektar INFINITE Hood. Is there any significant difference?

You might be thinking "Duh, Datto, if you just scroll up, you'll clearly see that "Infinite" is the Chroma-compatible line for Future War Cult." The thing is, this question motivated me to post images of all the separate gear sets, clearly marked to indicate their Faction affiliations.

Thanks for always asking the tough questions, people. And thanks to Datto for helping us listen, like he does.

Limited Edition

Some accessories (like cowboy hats or black shades) are eternal. Other accessories (like Trials of Osiris emblems) go out of style after a season. They pass into the realm of "vintage."

Fair Warning: You have several more weeks to earn this:

Trials of Osiris isn't going anywhere. The April Update will feature a new emblem for you to earn through combat excellence under the supervision of the esteemed Brother Vance. If you're a collector with an incomplete collection, get out there and fight the good fight.

Tomorrow (Friday) at 10AM Pacific, hostilities resume on [map name withheld by Crucible Design Team]. 

Seriously. They won't tell me.

Companionship: Enhanced

Did you see our announcement about the new and improved Destiny Companion?

Check out the new features, and the new devices we're supporting. Guardians are always eager to upgrade their gear. The mobile dev team loves you for that!

Shiny and Chroma

Every week, the Destiny Player Support team joins us to share some intel from the front. They never stop fighting bugs on the #Help forum. This is their story.

DPS: Announced in the "New Things to Earn" Twitch stream, Chroma is a new material that provides for additional customization of Weapons and Armor. For all details concerning Chroma, please see our new Chroma FAQ, located on This will answer questions such as "Where do I get Chroma", "How do I apply Chroma", and more.

To help players avoid the loss of Chroma, please note the following:
  • As with all Consumables and Upgrade Materials, Chroma will be lost if the item they've been applied to is Dismantled, Sharded, or Infused into another item.
  • Exercise caution when using the Deactivate Chroma node: This process happens instantaneously, and cannot be undone.
  • The Deactivate Chroma node can be used even when an item has been locked.

Additionally, Chroma will be sent to the Postmaster if players do not have appropriate space within their inventory. We strongly advise that players avoid using the Postmaster for additional Storage space. Items will be lost if your Postmaster exceeds the limit of 20 items. Along with the April Update, the Vault will be receiving an additional page of storage for Weapons, Armor, and General Items, to help alleviate this issue. 

As for the current Live Event, Iron Banner will be ending on Tuesday April 4th, at 2:00 AM Pacific. For all information concerning this event, please see our Iron Banner FAQ. If you have any additional questions, or need to report an issue, follow this link to the Iron Banner Vital Information thread in the #Help forum where the community Mentors are on standby to assist.


You oughta be in pictures. This is the man who wants to be your agent.

Cozmo: If you watched the stream yesterday, we previewed a new feature that allows you to turn your HUD off. We hope this will help you create some awesome Destiny vids. We can't wait to see how you utilize this to make beautiful creations. Maybe one of them will be a future Movie of the Week. As always, the best way to send us your video is by submitting it to the Creations page. Anyone who has a winning video or Honorable Mention will be deservedly rewarded with one of these sweet Emblems. Now get to watching.

Movie of the Week: Exotic animations. 

Honorable Mention: Ascendant.

We have one more preview looming. Please join us on Twitch again next week. This time, we'll be talking about changes to the game that will impact every variety of Guardian. You'll want to know what's about to happen to your weapons, and maybe even your Sub-Class.

See you then.

DeeJ, out.