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1 December 2016
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This Week At Bungie - 12/01/2016

This week at Bungie we're headed outbound on another mission.

With great speed, we'll head to California. We've been to every instance of PlayStation Experience since it first roared to life in the sands of Las Vegas. This year will be no different. We still have the miracle of the Internet to keep us united as a community of Guardians. If you're not in the building, we'll be sure to let you know what we're whispering into the ears of the players who attend.

Team Sports

Here's something we can tell you for certain: Freshly minted Iron Lords (that's all of you) are about to return to the Crucible to exchange some fightin' words.

Begins: Tuesday, December 6th, 10AM PST
Ends: Tuesday, December 13th, 1AM PST

The game will be Rift!

Every seasoned carrier of the Spark knows that the surest path to igniting the Rift is paved by a willing Fireteam. If playing Destiny up to this point hasn't inspired you to stack your friends list with some obliging killers, perhaps the lure of a better reputation with Efrideet will deliver that final nudge. She's got some sweet loot.

Scout Rifles

Fusion Rifles

Hunter Armor

Titan Armor

Warlock Armor

You have several days to conscript Guardians to create some space for you to dunk. Or perhaps you'd prefer to do the shooting. Rift takes all kinds. If you're at a loss, make your first post on our Recruitment forum. You'll find good people there. They're Guardians, after all.

Take it from an old Bungie Clan Overlord. Having friends at the ready to share a good game with you is a magical thing. If you're a lone wolf, take your first step into a larger world.

You won't be sorry you did.

Called up to the Majors

Earlier this morning, our old friends made an important announcement. If you're a dangerous Guardian, you might be interested in the challenge they've issued to the Destiny community. 

The commissioners over at Major League Gaming have some prize fights on the spoke. Feeling brave? Want to throw your hat into the ring for some competition? Honor and glory await you.

To learn more or sign up, follow their lead.

Servants to the Guardians

You are being watched. The fine men and women of Destiny Player Support are always alert. They are supported by Mentors from the community they aim to serve. Our HELP site is their domain. Their mission is to anticipate the things that sideline you, and tackle new issues as they arise.

This is their report.

Destiny: Server Maintenance and Downtime
Destiny was taken offline for planned Server Maintenance at 8:00 AM on December 1st, 2016. This maintenance was performed only on Destiny Servers. No changes have been made to Destiny gameplay, nor should players expect any changes in functionality upon maintenance completion.

If you experience any error codes or issues when attempting to connect to Destiny after this maintenance has concluded, please post a report to our #Help forum.

Bungie Store Promotions: Avenues for Support
From time to time, like the game it celebrates, the Bungie Store refreshes inventory with new Destiny gear and new in-game incentives. If you experience any issues with Bungie Store orders or the reception of Bungie Store Promotional Codes, we recommend that you refer to the Bungie Store Customer Service page. This contains a contact form for order inquiries in the case that an issue has arisen. Please note the following:
  • Ensure the correct email address has been provided when placing an order through the Bungie Store
  • Players should always Inspect the SPAM folder of their inbox, in case any order information or promotional codes have been filtered in error
  • Please provide all information that is requested on the contact form, with a brief description of the issue encountered
  • Players may experience a delay in receiving responses, depending on the volume of inquiries being submitted to the Bungie Store at a given time

If a player is experiencing issues redeeming promotional codes on, or acquiring the promotional item in game, we ask that they post a report to the #Help forum for troubleshooting and assistance.

Destiny Player Support can investigate Destiny or related issues. Bungie Store Order Issues may only be handled by Bungie Store Customer Service.

Front Row

All are welcome in our theater of mayhem. There isn't a bad seat in the house. Meet your projectionist.

Cozmo: Movie of the Week is back! We took a break last week in honor of the great tradition of eating a bunch of food and falling asleep during a football game. Don't worry, we have returned with more movies from the Creations page. As always, everyone who wins MOTW gets this special Emblem as a reward. It's said to have magical powers. Not really, but it does look nice. Let's get to the videos.

Movie of the Week: Destiny Mannequin Challenge

Honorable Mention: Hunter - Parody

Honorable Mention: AmethysT

Time to go home and pack. Working for Bungie in support of this community is a rewarding gig. That is never truer than when we breach the walls of our containment facility - or "studio" if you must - and go interact with the people who play the game. See some of you this weekend.

Soon after, there will be Rifts to Ignite. I'll see you in there - on both platforms - shoulder to shoulder with Cozmo. Catch us if you can.

Soon after that, there will be other things to play. If you own Destiny: Rise of Iron, you're already invited to the next party the Live Team is about to throw.

We'll talk more soon. Now, where is that old and busted up backpack?

DeeJ, out.