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17 March 2017
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This Week at Bungie - 03/17/2017

This week at Bungie we revealed the new weekly rituals for Age of Triumph.

From one weekly reset to the next, Destiny is about to become a more rewarding experience. "Rewarding as [heck]," is what the design team has been saying. That's not a direct quote, but this is a family-friendly blog. Check out what we'll have in store for you on March 28. The new weekly featured activities will include various ways to play, become more powerful, and decorate your Guardian. All you Strikers out there, are about to shed more Light on the scene than you ever have.

Too-Long-Won't-Watch Mission Brief

  • Age of Triumph begins with a Quest held by the Speaker
  • The Director will feature a new set of Weekly Featured Activities
  • Daybreak Strikes include the Mayhem modifier from the Crucible
  • Earn three Eververse boxes each week through gameplay
  • We've brought the Nightfall buff back!

There is a final stream to watch before this new age begins. Next week, we're looking at armor and weapons. We'll talk about how they'll look and how they'll work.

See you next Wednesday - one more time before you unseal your new Record Book.

A Leaner, Meaner Crucible

During the steam, we checked in briefly with Lord Shaxx to see how his gig in the Tower has changed. When this new age begins, you'll find some other changes to how Crucible experiences are curated on the Director. To learn more about what's different, and why, we're checking in with Designer Jeremiah Pieschl.

Jerpie: As we arrive at the Age of Triumph, we're making changes to the Crucible to improve matchmaking quality and allow more flexibility for how you earn rewards. The number of active Crucible playlists are being reduced to help draw Guardians into a more focused set of battlegrounds. Each week, we'll offer five core playlists in the center row, and one rotating playlist in the top rotator. Private Matches will continue to remain on the bottom row. Classic players who do not own Rise of Iron will find their offering each week in the top rotator, which can feature Zone Control, Combined Arms, Mayhem Clash, Mayhem Rumble or Doubles modes. Elimination will be available each week, and will continue to be replaced with Trials of Osiris each weekend.

To illustrate these changes, here's a preview of a week featuring Control, Supremacy, Elimination/Trials, Salvage, and Rumble:

The following week will feature Clash, Rift, Elimination/Trials, Skirmish, and Rumble Supremacy:

This method of consolidation and rotation allows us to continue featuring all of our most popular core modes while also keeping the matchmaking pools as full as possible to facilitate matchmaking quality. 

Bounties are also in for some revisions. Lord Shaxx will continue to offer his weekly bounties, and will now offer one for each of the 6v6 core modes offered each week. Daily Crucible bounties have been updated to be more inclusive of Guardians, regardless of which mode they play, which subclass they favor, or if they have a Fireteam available. The Crucible Quartermaster will now offer 5 new bounties each week for different weapon archetypes, allowing you an opportunity to earn a variety of Crucible, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris weapons from Year 2 and Year 3. And yes, there is a Hand Cannon bounty that can reward an Eyasluna! Trials of Osiris bounties have also been updated and all of them are now able to be completed daily while Trials of Osiris is active. Silver and Gold tier bounties will now feature Gear and Weapons from Year 3.

Our goals with these changes are to ensure our Crucible audience enjoys quality matchmaking while still maintaining a large variety of modes. We also want to provide many paths to rewards in the Crucible.

The Ritual of Support

Let's look again to our forum to see what's on your collective mind. When the community has questions, we seek out answers. Of all the weekly rituals that shape life at Bungie, keeping you connected and informed is attended to by the Destiny Player Support team.

This is their report.

Age of Triumph FAQ
Following suit with last week's report, here are Frequently Asked Questions found in the #Help forum about the Age of Triumph.

Q: How will the Weekly Story Playlist work? 
A: Each week, a curated playlist of Destiny story missions will be available for players. These playlists do not feature matchmaking. Fireteam requirements are one to three players, with a recommended Character Light of 380. One of the following playlists will be featured each week, with various modifiers:
  • Earth and Moon: Contains missions from the release of Destiny
  • Mars and Venus: Contains missions from the release of Destiny
  • Dark Champions: Contains missions from Destiny: The Dark Below and Destiny: House of Wolves
  • The Taken War: Contains missions from Destiny: The Taken King
  • The Iron Lords: Contains missions from Destiny: Rise of Iron

Players may earn the following rewards:
  • Treasure of Ages: Once per week, rewarded upon first activity completion.
  • Legendary Marks: Five times per week, players will be rewarded with 20 legendary marks upon activity completion.
  • Materials: Five times per week, players will be rewarded with various Planetary Materials, Consumables, or Glimmer upon activity completion.

Q: Does completion of the Weekly Nightfall Strike grant the Radiant Light EXP buff?
A: Yes. With the Age of Triumph, players may earn the Radiant Light buff when completing a Nightfall Strike, per Character. This grants increased Reputation and Experience gains through the following Weekly Reset.

Q: How large of a download will the Age of Triumph update be?
A: In the coming weeks, we will announce Maintenance and Downtime for Destiny Update 2.6.0. Along with dates and times, console hard drive requirements will be updated. Stay tuned to @BungieHelp for announcements.

Q: Where will I be able to find Support information when the Age of Triumph begins?
A: will be updated on March 28 to feature the Age of Triumph Guided Support. This Guided Support will cover all updated activities, with additional information concerning the Age of Triumph Record Book and T-Shirt Offer. Each section will also be paired with Frequently Asked Question sections for each activity.


Time to hunt players from the community. While we seek out creators who deserve to be recognized, you'll be tasked with seeking out your designated target for the next Bungie Bounty. As always, your community manager will lead the hunt on both fronts.

Cozmo: We trapped another streamer in our garage. We are keeping them alive and will let them loose for you to hunt on March 17. This week you will searching for Gigz.

Bungie Bounty: Gigz
Region: California
When: 5 PM Pacific 3/17/2017
Console: XB1/PS4
Playlist: Clash

Be careful out there. Gigz is a talented player. This will be a difficult bounty to collect. He will be playing one hour on Xbox and one hour on PS4 for maximum coverage. Match into his game and win to claim your Emblem. It will arrive in your Emblem Collection later in the week. For more details check out our Bungie Bounty FAQ.

Break a Leg

Cozmo: Welcome to Movie of the Week. This is where we pick a few of the top movies from the Creations page and share them with the community. Everyone who assisted in creating the videos featured here will be rewarded with this special Emblem. You like it? You can try to win it next week. Just send in your Movie to the Creations page and we will take a look.

Here are this week's winners.

Movie of the Week: Space Oddity


Honorable Mention: Focused

Honorable Mention: Get Vexd

Next week, we're hosting a Guardian fashion show. It could very well be that we've saved the best Destiny 1 armor for last. The team is certainly excited to unveil the new ornaments for your Guardian. We also have some explaining to do about those elemental primaries that are staged to make a comeback.

We hope you'll tune in. Age of Triumph is a celebration. It's a party in your honor - something between a graduation and a reunion.

I need to dig into my closet and find something fabulous to wear. See you Wednesday.

DeeJ, out.