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15 November 2018
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This Week At Bungie - 11/15/2018

This week at Bungie, we brought the thunder.

Many among you have followed the trail to Master Ives's killer. Leads have gone cold over the last few weeks, but the scent picked up on Tuesday, leading to your final confrontation—and the sweet reward. No more waiting, only justice to be served in the frigid wastes of the Cosmodrome.

Upon completing the quest and (re)claiming your Thunderlord, you'll also unlock availability of the newest addition to our Bungie Rewards program. You will have through 11:59 PM PST on November 27, 2018 to claim your code and acquire this wearable trophy. May it be a light for you in dark places.

The Lost Cryptarch quest will also be available through November 27. After that date, Thunderlord will be rolled into Exotic Engrams and the Cosmodrome will return to full quarantine.

Let thunder reign again.

Season of the Forge, and Beyond

With the Thunderlord in play at the end of the trail, the Season of the Outlaw has revealed its very last mystery. If you've fought your way from Cayde through the raid, we've loved having you along for the ride. The time has come to begin a new conversation about how the Destiny endgame will continue to thrive in the months to come. 

As announced last week, Season of the Forge will begin on November 27, 2018. On the day it arrives, we're planning to release a brand new ViDoc and a full gameplay calendar to illustrate what awaits your Guardian for the rest of the year. What we have planned are not the post-launch expansions you may have played in years past. Your starside journeys will span three distinct seasons that will unfold over the rest of the year.

What will each Season hold for every player of Destiny 2? How will the Annual Pass add to that experience? These are the questions we want to answer as we introduce you to a whole way to to enjoy your hobby as a Guardians with new challenges to conquer and new rewards you'll want to add to your inventory.

Next week, as the holiday season begins in our neck of the woods, the news coming out of our studio will be random and light. The week after, we'll be exploring all the details of another kind of season. Stay tuned for what comes next.

The Flip of a Coin

Of all the reasons we're proud of Forsaken, one of the highlights has been Gambit, our new competitive co-op mode. The community response has been exciting and humbling. On Monday, we had a great time putting a bounty on the heads of some of our finest players in the studio while the developers talked about their inspirations and fielded some player questions. If you missed it, check out the stream recap!

Watch Bungie Bounty - XBOX ONE - 11/12 @ 10AM PST from Bungie on

Noted during the stream, a few changes are coming to Gambit in Season 5. Designer Robbie Stevens has a quick list of updates you can expect on November 27.

Robbie: The Gambit team has been closely monitoring the community's reaction to this mode, and we've implemented a series of quality-of-life updates and bug fixes.

Gambit Bounties
  • Infamy Rank Point awards for all bounties have been doubled
  • Numerous dailies, daily challenges, and weeklies have had their objectives retuned to take less time and be easier to complete 
  • A new bounty has been added to the daily rotation that requires Primeval envoy kills

Infamy Rewards
  • Subdivision rank-ups now award Gambit Legendary weapons or armor—goodbye blues!

Primeval Catch-Up Mechanics
  • Teams that summon their Primeval second can only ever receive one "catch-up" stack of Primeval Slayer. Previously, the trailing team would receive multiple stacks depending on how far behind they were. For instance, if the leading team had seven stacks of Primeval Slayer, when trailing team summoned they would receive four stacks. Now they will receive only one.

Ascendant Primeval
  • We identified (another) issue that was causing the Ascendant Primeval to not always award credit to the correct team when killed, and we fixed it.

Next week is our send-off for Season of the Outlaw. What better way to celebrate than letting the Drifter sweeten the pot a little?

Double Infamy
Start: 9 AM PST, November 20, 2018
End: 9 AM PST, November 23, 2018

Triple Infamy
Start: 9 AM PST, November 23, 2018
End: TBD, November 27, 2018

Bank your Motes responsibly.

Keeping You Updated

In less than two weeks, Destiny 2 Update 2.1.0 will become available for download, kicking off Season of the Forge. Before we're there, we have some housekeeping and notes to cover.

This is their report.

Changing Seasons
As called out in This Week at Bungie - 11/08/2018, players who wish to complete seasonal Triumphs and objectives have until November 27. On that day, Season of the Forge will begin, ranks will reset, and incomplete Triumphs for Season of the Outlaw will expire.

Specifically, items that will reset are as follows:
  • Nightfall Rank
  • Valor Rank
  • Glory Rank
  • Infamy Rank
  • Any incomplete Triumph or quest step that requires players to complete objectives in any single season
  • All incomplete Triumphs with "Season 4" in the title will expire and be removed at the start of Season of the Forge

Examples of items that will not reset or expire:
  • Quests for pinnacle Crucible weapons from Season of the Outlaw
    • If you currently have a quest item in inventory, it will not be removed.
    • If you are on a step requiring a specific rank or number of rank resets in a season, progress will be lost. Your quest will remain on that step, however, and may be completed the following season.
  • Any incomplete Triumph or quest step that requires players to complete objectives across all seasons

Restocking Shelves
In addition to rank and Triumph resets, players have until November 27 to redeem Prismatic Facets received from weekly Eververse bounties. After the season transitions, Prismatic Facets from Season of the Outlaw will expire and no longer be available for use in the Prismatic Matrix.

Players should also be aware that Steadfast Engrams will be removed from Eververse stock at the start of Season of the Forge, and will be replaced with a new Bright Engram that contains new items. 

With the upcoming transition into Season of the Forge, there is a known issue regarding Gambit bounties which we would like to bring to the attention of our players.

Players who complete Gambit bounties during Season of the Outlaw and keep those bounties in their inventories after the season transitions must complete a Gambit match in the new season before turning them in.

Players who turn in these bounties after Season of the Forge begins, but before playing a Gambit match, will not correctly receive points to their Infamy rank from these bounties.

A Heck of a Week
In recent weeks, some players have noticed that Season of the Forge begins on November 27, but Black Armory becomes available on December 4.

Just like the release of Forsaken before it, there will be a one-week window in which Destiny 2 will be in a state of transition, and players may encounter a number of unforeseen issues.

The Destiny Player Support team is currently working to consolidate a list of temporary changes that may impact the player experience during this week-long window. In the meantime, we would like to remind players that issues encountered in-game are best reported to our #Help forum. When we have more information to share about this week-long transition, we'll be sure to let you know.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Known Issues
In addition to the items listed above, Destiny Player Support is tracking the latest issues reported by players on the #Help forum. Provided below is a brief overview of the latest known issues in Destiny 2: Forsaken.
  • Pursuit Items: We are investigating player reports describing pursuit items being removed from the player inventory.
  • Master Archer Bundle: We are investigating an issue where some players may not have received all Bright Engrams included in the Master Archer Bundle.
  • Totem in Lost Sector: The objective that players need to interact with in order to advance the quest "The Lost Cryptarch" may sometimes not appear. Players who encounter this issue may need return to orbit to relaunch the activity.
  • "The Lost Cryptarch" and Nav Mode: On the fourth step of the quest "The Lost Cryptarch," the objective will not show up in Nav Mode when pulling out your Ghost.
  • Elevated WEASEL/TAPIR Errors in Destiny 1: We are investigating an issue causing elevated WEASEL and TAPIR errors in Destiny 1 on legacy consoles.

For the latest known issues as soon as they are available, players should visit the following known issues threads: Destiny 2: Forsaken and PC known issues.

It's Electrifying!

Last week, it was cloudy with a chance of meatballs. This week, we're seeing thunderstorms. Don't be scared, though—keep yourself grounded and fight the good fight in Iron Banner. 

Movie of the Week: Blink and You'll Miss It

Runner Up: Thunder and Lightning

Want to see your video here? Submit your video to the Creations page. If you win, we will send you a special emblem to show off to your friends.

This weekend, Last Wish is on our minds. The top raiders of Bungie will be melding minds to perfect their strategy for Monday's livestream. If there's a single wipe, we'll fire Cozmo again. We also have a solid lineup of developers who are eager to dive in to the creative process. Ever wonder what goes into building an Ahamkara? How many meetings it takes for a producer to go mad? Tune in to find out!

Last Wish Raid-Along
Monday, November 19

Until then, I'll be checking off my final Triumphs for the Wayfarer title. Just a few more Heroic missions for Asher Mir, and I'll have my purple bar. Many of you are at the last steps of the Luna's Howl, Not Forgotten, and Redrix's Broadsword quests! Don't forget: This weekend is the final Iron Banner and Triple Valor event of Season 4. See you out there.


P.S.: Excelsior!