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3 August 2023
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This Week In Destiny - 08/03/2023

Happy TWIDsday, Guardians! We are back this week with a slightly shorter one to make some room for the big State of the Game article we dropped earlier today.

But before we get into that, how are you doing on your challenges? Have you finished your Exotic Angler Triumph yet? Still needing that final fishy for your collection? Well, we've got good news for you! Lucky week is returning, and that means it's time to get your bait ready! Starting at reset next week, Nessus, the EDZ, and the Throne World each will have a bonus that doubles the Exotic fish catch rate.

In case you missed last week's TWID:

  • We announced the raid date.
  • Veil Containment behind the scenes.
  • Wardens Law.
  • Solstice reminder.
  • Trials map voting announcement.
  • Accessibility highlight.

For this week we have:

  • State of the Game is here!
  • Solstice reminders and updates.
  • Trials community map winner.
  • Player Support's weekly report.
  • The community Art of the Week and Movie of the Week picks.

Mid-Year State of the Game

In case you missed it, we just released our mid-year State of the Game from our Game Director Joe Blackburn and several teams at Bungie. We highly recommend taking a look at that (after finishing the TWID of course), as there is a lot of information to be covered, including details on ritual updates, game security, stability improvements, upcoming sandbox and quality-of-life updates, and more. Don't forget, if you have questions or comments, make sure you @ the Destiny2Team account so we can take notes and get that feedback to the right teams.

Solstice is Glowing

We wanted to share a few changes we have coming up with the Solstice armor sets and their glow.

For the 2022 and 2023 Solstice sets, players who have unlocked the glowing version of an armor piece will have access to non-glowing and glowing transmogs. Players who have not unlocked the glowing versions will only have the non-glowing versions available to them. Players will need to individually purchase the transmog for both versions— they won't be unlocked with one purchase. Finally, the transmogs will not have a new icon, so they will look the same until they are equipped.

Don't forget, Solstice ends on August 8, so be sure to get your bonfires lit and your Silver Leaves turned in!

Community Trials Map Winner

Cathedral of Dusk, The Anomaly, or Vostok? Those were the choices, and the community answered loud and clear. Your community voted, and the Trials map winner is...

The Anomaly!

  1. The Anomaly: 49%
  2. Cathedral of Dusk: 26%
  3. Vostok: 25%

Thank you for participating, Guardians. We hope you had fun trying to convince your friends to vote for your favorite map. We love seeing the conversations on socials! If you want us to keep doing these community votes, let us know on your social platform of choice.

Player Support Report

Glorbo from my video games

The Destiny Player Support team is back and ready to, well, do what they do best: letting us know about bugs and known issues. Here they are with their latest update.

Known Issues List | Help Forums | Bungie Help Twitter


Beginning during Season 22, transmog for Solstice armor will be updated to include the non-glow versions of both the 2022 and 2023 Solstice armor sets for players who own them.


As we approach the end of Season of the Deep, players should be aware that unclaimed non-Seasonal vendor engrams will once again be cleared from vendor inventories at the Seasonal transition. Seasonal vendor engrams will remain until the next expansion launch.

Players should ensure they claim these engrams prior to the end of the Season.


Solstice concludes at the weekly reset on August 8. Players should make sure they claim any completed objectives and available rewards from their Solstice Event Card prior to the conclusion of the event.

The Event Card and any unclaimed rewards will no longer be available once the event ends.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help forum:

  • Lord of Wolves is missing its hip-fire reticle.
  • The Compass Rose is not visible in Collections.

For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

You're about to get... Golden.

Hippy: Sing it, Rick!

Movie of the Week: He's never gonna let you down...

Sam: We know Guardian Games is over, but we couldn't help sharing this super cute video of a Guardian's journey to be golden.

Movie of the Week:

Per Audacia Ad Astra

Hippy: The community never fails to impress when coming together for a beautiful cause. Whether it's for charity with the Bungie Foundation or just looking out for one another in-game, our community is pretty dang rad. With Lance Reddick's passing earlier this year, many of us are still mourning his loss. He left us entirely too soon, but our community took that collective pain and turned it into something beautiful. Thank you, Guardians. The world needs more of this.

Art of the Week: Rest in Peace, Commander via Reddit

Ivan: Is there a weapon in Destiny more symbolic than Ace of Spades? I don't think so, but it's a question everyone will answer differently. In Destiny2: The Final Shape's teaser trailer, Cayde-6 was spotted with his favorite Hand Cannon— so it wasn't lost, wherever the hell he is ...

Art of the Week: Ace of Spades (Redux)

There we have it pals, this week's TWID. We are in the final countdown before the Destiny 2 Showcase, but don't worry, we still have a few more weeks of information to send your way. For now, keep your eyes up and get those challenges wrapped up, Guardians. We'll talk soon.

Stay Crafty,