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Cutscene Library Updated: Forsaken

Once again, Cody Miller has provided high-quality, high-resolution versions of the Destiny cutscenes - this time the Forsaken ones - for the internet to enjoy. Swing by our Cutscene Library (the Forsaken scenes start on Page 3) and revisit Uldren's descent! (Streaming and downloadable formats are available - up to 1080p and 5.1 Surround audio.)

Claude Errera | Oct 1, 2018 10:54 am | link

Going under (and through)

Once again, Bungie posted an update on their doings on Thursday, and once again, though it made it into our Weekly Update Archive in a timely fashion, it did NOT make it here, to the front page. Doesn't mean you shouldn't read it, though. It's full of goodies. We're introduced to the Shattered Throne, along with a new Crucible mode, Breakthrough. We're given encouraging news about Masterwork Cores and Exotic drop rates. We're treated to a postmortem of the first Season 4 Iron Banner tournament. We're shown a gorgeous gallery of art, from High Moon artists that worked on Forsaken. And there's a chance that your Destiny artwork can be immortalized in Bungie's Holiday cards. Go read, go watch! (While you're at it, we forgot to mention last week's, too - though, again, it was up in our Weekly Update Archive the same day it was released on It has more info  about Breakthrough, including screenshots of new maps. It's got time-sensitive info  - now expired - about Gambit, and EGX, a gathering that took place in Birmingham, UK last week. And it's got info about the team(s) that beat the Last Wish raid first. Sorry!)

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Claude Errera | Oct 1, 2018 10:14 am | link

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