I Would’ve Been Your Gun

Torick flew over the ground on his Pike, barely paying attention to the surroundings. Suddenly a flash appeared in front of him, and he swerved quickly, barely avoiding a Vex. He swung his Pike around and readied his finger on the trigger, only to watch the time traveling robot stumble to the ground, smoke curling up from its chest. Approaching carefully, Torick kept the Pike’s guns sighted on the copper robot, watching the red light wink out in the Vex’s head. Still alert, parking his Pike, Torick took out his rifle. As he got closer, he noticed a gun had fallen out of the robot’s hand, and he quickly kicked it away. Looking down curiously, he put a few shots into the burnt out red eye. Confident it wasn’t a trick, he picked up the pistol. It was a sleek, chromed handgun, with engraving in the grip that said: “Recursive Action.” Torick put it in his bag with a shrug and walked back to his Pike.


Torick and Werf ducked behind a rock, energy blasts striking around them. “Rabbit?” Werf asked. “Hound.” Torick replied. Werf grunted and counted down from three with upraised fingers. On cue, Werf ran for the outpost as Torick reared and fired a full clip towards the Vex. The Vex turned quickly toward Torick, and he ducked down just in time to keep his head. As he pushed his back against the rock, a shimmer in front of him formed into a Vex. He reached for his pistol, knowing he wasn’t going to be quick enough. Suddenly, the Vex twitched as a thunderclap rang and fell forward with a crater in its head. Torick made a thumbs up towards the outpost and saw a flash from Werf’s scope in response. Torick slung his rifle, drew Recursive Action and sprinted across the clearing. Energy crackled around him as he ran, burning his cloak. Diving through the opening, Torick bumped Werf as he fell against the wall. Werf checked his clip as Torick rose. Hearing a slight buzz he spun, raising Recursive Action, a Vex grabbing the barrel as he pulled the trigger. As the Vex took a hit to the chest, it vanished again in a blast of energy, taking Recursive Action with it. Silence fell over the outpost as Werf and Torick looked at each other. Torick, startled, muttered “Wait a minute…”

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4 Responses to I Would’ve Been Your Gun

  1. Jim Stitzel April 3, 2013 at 9:21 pm #

    I think I missed commenting on this the first time around when you posted it to the forum, but I wanted to say that I like the recursive nature of this fight. It has a surreal feeling to it and makes you wonder what fighting the Vex is really going to be like.

    • Xenos April 3, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

      Thanks :-D I am very curious to see what they are like, I love time travel so I hope they can make it intersting. I realized a few minutes ago, I actually uploaded version 1 instead of version 2 *facepalm* Apparently my new version didn’t sync in Google Drive

    • Xenos April 3, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

      Thanks for fixing it!

  2. Ragashingo August 7, 2014 at 12:56 pm #

    Wacky Vex time travel stories are some of my favorite. Nice to see this one form a cute time loop with the beginning and end. :)

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