Destiny Awaits – part 1

Captain felt more pride in this moment than he had in his whole life. More than marrying his wife, more than when the immense power of The Traveler had been vested in him by the Forger, and more proud than the day his boy had been brought into this world. For on this day, his son would be going on his first adventure into the vast reaches of space – leaving the Last City for the first time in his life.

He wheeled his chair over to his son who stood at a little over seven feet tall, a natural born Titan. His skin was a bit paler than Captain’s, his mother being an Awoken and not human like Captain was. He teared up while peering up into his son’s beautiful face. Beautiful, a proper word for the face of a half-breed. Argyn’s face was highlighted with his long dark curls and bright heavenly blue eyes. He had a beard perfectly trimmed to match that of his father’s, minus the grays and whites. He had a small nose and a very stern jaw, the face of a hero – of a Guardian.

As Argyn fastened the last buckle of his shoulder strap he looked down at his father and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. His father was a Warlock of much renown. The Founder name was popular amongst the storytellers around the markets and hangars and even the training halls of the academy. He had a great deal to live up to.

He sat down on the metal bench in the armory, which creaked and moaned at the weight of the armor, not having been used to the heavy weight of the Titan level armor, but only that of the small and subtle Warlock. He smiled to his father, a facade he was accustomed to placing gently on his pale hoar face. “How do I look, father?”

“Like a true Guardian of our City.” The Warlock had a difficult time keeping his mind focused on just one thing. He was worried for his son. He had been to the luscious forests of Venus and fought the Vex. He had scoured the old ruined cities of humanity’s dark and mysterious past.

“You have nothing to worry about, Father. I am ready for what The Traveler wants me to accomplish. I shall make the right decisions by you.The decisions you yourself would make in my position. I promise you I am ready.” Argyn’s face lit up like it always does when trying to prove a point. The same way his mother’s did.

“I know you are, my son. I know you are ready for whatever you might face out there. I just wish,” he glanced down at his chest and legs, “that I was there to accompany you in your quests.” Captain Founder was in a bad accident three years prior. His ship had been attacked by a squad of the Fallen and was seriously injured. He was hooked into a slug of batteries and other things that kept him alive, as well as not having either of his legs. The doctors offered robotics but with no ability to leave the house, legs seemed a useless expense.

Argyn smiled, “By the Traveler, Father, you will be! If by no other means, than in spirit!” They both laughed a hard powerful laugh. the kind that brought tears to their already heavy eyes. Argyn leaned his head down lower than you or I could while standing up and exclaimed, “May the Traveler be ever present in our time of need and our time of peace.”

The Graduating Titan took his helmet in his hands and looked into the angular visor, shining a golden color, reserved for the academy’s valedictorian.

“I will be watching the ceremony from here, Argyn,” he smiled.

“I know you will Father, I’m sure you wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He headed out the door of the hut and into the tall baje ocean grass field that made for great feeding grounds for the wild cattle that loved to roam that area of the country.

He turned to look at his father as a tear ran down his face. “Your Destiny awaits, my son. Now go, before you miss it!” Argyn climbed into his ship and and took off.

That was the last time he ever saw his father alive.


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  1. Ragashingo August 7, 2014 at 1:07 pm #

    Good. I thought you gave good examples of the pride the father figure felt at first and I really liked the cliffhanger at the end. I did find the sentence, “He was hooked into a slug of batteries and other things that kept him alive, as well as not having either of his legs.” a bit frumpy, but other than that it was a good read.

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