Destiny Awaits – part 3

The stadium’s infirmary was a sad excuse for a hospital. It was unclean, small, and dark and damp. There was never more than two doctors working – retired Warlocks who had the ability to heal. a dozen nurses always running around like there was something important to do. There never was. The City had another hospital that was located on the fourth floor of The Tower but this was much closer. Besides, they Forger wanted to take a look at Argyn personally.

“What happened while you were up there?”

“I cannot really remember, Elder,” Argyn lied.

“”You must try, young one, you must! The all powerful Traveler does not just take a Guardian out of my care every Graduation Day. Please, Argyn, think harder.”

Argyn thought hard, hard to forget what had happened. He didn’t want this, he wanted to be the Titan his father would’ve been proud of, not the Prophet. He had heard that the original Prophet had thought himself to death. “You can only handle so many visions of death and destruction before it destroys you,” that was his final quote before jumping from the top of The Tower.

“Well, Argyn, have you thought of it yet?”
“Sir, may I ask you a question?”
“Of course you may,” he waved the nurses out of the room, his cloak a bleeding crimson, “What knowledge do you seek, my son?”
“Why me? What if I don’t want to be the Prophet?”
“Well, honestly, I think you should be much more grateful than you’re being! I have given my life to The Traveler, as have many Scribes and Warlocks. I pray every Graduation Day that I might be lifted into the Holy shell of that greatest of beings. Alas, it was you, and it shall not happen again in my lifetime.”

“So you’re saying that I should go through with it?”
“I am saying that if you do not, you will not like the consequences. The Traveler has a magnificent way of getting whatever and whomever it wants.”

“What about you? Did you not wish to be the Forger?”

“No, I did not. A life such as mine, and now yours, requires much dedication and hard work. I was appointed, touched by The Prophet when I was just a child. I did not ask for such a blessing, but I received it nonetheless. You see, Young Prophet,” it was all Argyn could do to keep from cringing at this, “We take what we may receive from The Traveler. You must now take on this responsibility. Whether you want to,” he patted Argyn on the shoulder and began to walk out of the room, “or not. You come find me when you are ready to share with me what The Traveler has shared with you.”

Argyn sat there thinking about what the Forger had told him. He looked over at the bedside table. His Graduation Helmet was sitting there on a stand. It’s beautiful golden visor cracked and scratched. He took it in his hands and turned it over looking at it. He caught a glimpse of his hand with the Mark of the Prophet on it, sitting there so perfectly etched into his pale skin. It was a triangle with the Traveler below it, the arrow point of the triangle pointing to his fingers. He hated it in that moment. He had always looked up to the strength of the Prophet, always used him as a goal to beat. Now he was him. Such a strange thought.

There was a knock at the door. Harder and harder. Then a massive Exo busted through the door and walked over to Argyn and picked him up, “ARGYN! Oh by The Traveler!” His voice was metallic, it was Killtross, “You’re the Prophet! If I could have calculated the odds of this happening, then maybe we could have prepared better for it than we have!”

“Hold on, Killtross, how do you know that I’ve accepted the role?”
“Argyn, you must. It is required for that who is chosen to take up the responsibility regardless of their own personal interest.” Argyn thought about how he had just heard the same thing from the Forger.

“That does not matter for the moment, how did the rest of graduation go? Are you an official Guardian now? The Titan you wanted to be?”

“Affirmative, I have received my first task as well.”

“What is it? Are you going to the moons of Saturn or maybe the Dead Forests of Mars? Fight the Cabal or the Fallen? Tell what you’ve gotten, Brother?”

“Negative, Myself, as well as six other Guardians have been assigned to watch over you.” Argyn did not like that.

“What do you mean, Killtross? To babysit me? Like I’m a young calf in herd of Brahman!? This is ridiculous! Who assigned this?”

“The Dignitary.”

The Dignitary was the highest ruler of the City. He perched himself on the seventh floor of the tower and oversaw every move the City made as a whole. He was directly in charge of the Cities special forces teams and performed the role of General in times of war. He had been there when Argyn’s father, Captain, was told he would never fight again and gave a beautiful speech at Argyn’s mother’s funeral. The Dignitary is a prestigious position to hold and is only held by those who prove themselves worthy. Hyntro Unial was a kind Dignitary, but was a ruthless soldier. He was the best of the best, and now he was standing right in front of Argyn Founder.

“So, our blessed Young Prophet is none other than the son of Captain and Grendala Founder! I am not surprised my son, not surprised at all,” He had a very loud voice that filled a room fluently. He was a pleasant man, not too old, but not young by any means. He had very white hair and a goatee that grew down and touched his broad chest atop his black and gray suit.

“Sir,” Argyn jumped out of the hospital bed he had been sitting in.

“At ease my boy, you are in friendly company here, no need to be uppity. How do you feel? You fell from a great height.”

“I didn’t feel it at all, sir. I was in the Traveler one minute and in a crater the next. I do feel a bit,” he looked down at his hand, the Mark, “Uneasy about the whole situation.”

“Listen, Argyn, I cannot tell you how to live your life, what kind of man or soldier you should be, but I will tell you that I know it will make your Father very proud and your Mother even prouder, Traveler rest her heavy soul. As of now, you may leave the infirmary, I see no reason to keep you, besides you need some fresh air, some room to breathe. Go, then report to The Forger once you have made your decision.” The Dignitary reached out his hand to shake it. Argyn looked up to him, unreasonably tall. e grabbed his hand and shook it. “I will not you or this City down, sir.”

“I know you won’t, Argyn.”

Their hands separated as a scream came from the hallway. They ran out the door and watched as a nurse slid off the blade of a Fallen’s Power Sword. It turned to lock eyes with Argyn and began running.

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  1. Ragashingo August 7, 2014 at 1:27 pm #

    Another good entry. I liked how you used language to remind me that Kiltross was an Exo throughout.

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