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The Vanguards of Dead Orbit – Chapter Four

As the Fireteam walk through the illuminated doorway the change in temperature is almost immediate. “Whoa, even if we don’t find anything it was worth the trip just to get out of that sun for a while” muses the warlock. “You need to stay focused, we don’t have any clue what we could find in […]

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The Vanguards of Dead Orbit – Chapter Three

Six Months Previously. The hunter stands to attention in front of a wide desk. “You sent for me Commander?” “I did, I’ve just received a Vanguard level scouting mission, you and your team are to leave within the hour” replies the Commander, seated at his desk. The hunter notices various maps and reports scattered across […]

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The Vanguards of Dead Orbit – Chapter Two

The Faction Wars are events that take place within computer generated arenas. The fireteam members from different factions, the most notable of which are Seven Seraphs, New Monarchy, Future War Cult and Dead Orbit, lay down in special stasis tubes that project the guardians consciousness into the arena space. This is achieved by using technology […]

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The Vanguards of Dead Orbit – Chapter One

The sun steadies itself high in the sky, overlooking a still plaza thick with dust from the decaying flesh of this ancient city. What once was grey and glass, nature in its unrelenting and unwavering mission to take back all that mankind had stolen from it, has left only rust and jagged teeth. At the […]

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A Hunter’s journey, pt. 1

Earth. In all of the dark night sky, littered with gleaming stars and far-off galaxies, this single orb of glittering blue and scarred land mass remained the last safe sanctuary for mankind. Humanity was not alone. The sacred places of the world, from the strongest of nations to the solitary reaches of uninhabited desolations, had […]

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These Imagnative Boots

These Boots I love my Mark III STH model combat boots. They’ve protected my feet in over a hundred missions beyond the walls of The City. While they might not look like much these days, in fact one might rightfully call them ugly, they are more important to me than any gun I’ve ever carried. […]

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