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The table in front of Traxis is littered with little bits and parts, spare pieces collected from weapons gathered up over the long years of roaming in the wilds, all pre-City. The weapons themselves are long gone, many damaged beyond repair during the heat of one battle or another. Others were simply sold or traded […]

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Revival of the Past

Leon set down the assault rifle he had been carrying the last hour-and-a-half before sitting down among the debris.  He still had another hour to go, judging by his map. At the moment, he was in some kind of dam control structure on the Nile, left over from the Golden Age.  Outside, it was lush; […]

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A Hunter’s Journey, Pt. 2

Short note: I read the feedback, and I’m really glad y’all appreciate what I’m doing. The colors are a conscious choice; I’m currently trying to incorporate them more strongly into the plot. Honestly, directly after I wrote part 1, I fell asleep, woke up the next day, and started writing like crazy. Right now, I’m […]

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