The exo awakening Chapter one

This is my first fan fiction about destiny please tell me what you think and give me some advice on what i can do to make it better thankyou


Everything was dark, It was kind of peaceful. “Am I dead?” I ask myself.
No reply, In the dark there is a little light, a voice I cant make out what its saying but its getting closer and louder each time.
“Ga…Gaur…GAURDIAN”, A bright light bursted into my vision as my eyes opened, my body felt like it hadn’t moved in centuries it felt sore…
“You’ve been dead for a long time” said a voice it sounded slightly robotic but then slightly human.
I looked around there was nothing except scrap metal and broken down cars, they looked very old, they were rusted and there were no tires or windows or even wheels, A white and red little ball kind of like a 3 dimensional star came into my vision.
“Hello guardian im a ghost, ive been searching for you for a long time” I looked at him confused I pulled myself up and stood up I looked down at my side a Hand cannon sit in its hilt, I felt a presence on my back A sniper named patience and time sat under the rugged torn hooded cloak on my back.

I looked down at my hands, they were made of a green metal slightly battle worn and slightly rusted but still in one piece. That’s right I am an exo hunter a robot formed by man to help them in the war against the fallen and hive, I remember now the traveller its beautiful light. I looked at this so called “ghost” he began speaking again.
“Ill summon you a sparrow and we will head for the city”
A slim grey speeder bike appeared in front of me I hopped onto it and headed for the tower a building from my past were I would collect my armour and weapons and my ship… “My ship what happened to my ship” the ghost who had disappeared somewhere into my head or something came up and said “all will be explained when we get back to the tower” he didn’t give me to much information on it also he just kept saying something about a person called the speaker, who was this speaker, what has happened to the traveller.

As we entered the city gates the streets filled with humans, awoken and exo, I felt bad for the exo I saw slaved to humans and awoken alike I never had to deal with that torture.
“Are you worried about them” my ghost asked, I stayed silent as we rode to the base of the tower.
As we headed to the base of the tower the people looked at me differently from normal as if I was a hero of some sort, from what I remember us hunters were looked down upon as if we were scavengers and selfish and only did things for our own benefits, Im not going to lie it is slightly true, but something has changed even the titans and warlocks are being kind, im curious to find out why maybe this “speaker” can tell me.

We entered a ship that was heading up to the tower to drop off supplies and the pilot had offered us a lift to the top, once again I was quiet shocked but humbly accepted.
As we arrived I thanked the pilot and left the ship, “follow the markers I put on your trackers, each marker will disappear as you get to them then another will appear” the ghost said.
I follow the markers towards a room connected to the rest of the tower by a small bridge only a couple of feet long I entered the room there was a sphere in the middle spinning and little pillars all around the room a man in a white cloak and white helmet/mask came down the staircase to the left of the entrance.
The man had his ghost hovering in his hand and my ghost was floating over my shoulder “rex-3546, kia five years previous in an ambush by 15 stealth vandals” said the man in the white cloak “I am the speaker the voice of the traveller” he continued.
I was shocked, I stamped my foot forward and clenched my fist upright, the words basically fell out of my mouth “How do you know me, and what, voice of the traveller?”
Embarrassed at my actions I retook my posture and stood upright looking down at my feet, my ghost lowering himself behind my shoulder.
“It is alright your probably have a large amount of questions you wish to ask, but what I can tell you is in the battle after yours and a lot of other guardian’s deaths the travellers enemy the darkness injured the traveller in a great battle and in its final breath it created these, the ghosts to sort out and find guardians to help restore the travellers light and keep the darkness at bay” he said
My ghost was floating around the room staring at the Traveller as if he felt a sort of emptiness.
“Now leave guardian, also your ship is waiting for you in the hanger.”
“Thank you speaker we will be on our way” my ghost said disappearing once again into my armour.
“We are in this together now guardian” he continued talking as we headed to the hanger to receive my ship.
After this im heading to were my ghost found me and going to track the the fallen who attacked me those many years ago.

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