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Will of Crota

“Okay boys?” I looked around the room to see if any of the other Guardians would respond. Only a Guardian under the callsign of ‘Bearing’ said in a gravelly, deep voice “Ready as we’ll ever be.” “Here is what we are dealing with,” said the commander. He pulled up a picture of a Witch who […]

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Introversion in the Key of D Minor, Chapter 1

The screaming.  The hellish screaming.  When would it end?  It was everywhere, and yet they never saw the beasts until they were right upon them.  Those monsters.  The four-armed ones; the ones that spit the burning acid; the ones that leapt at you, flailing their spiked arms like a whirlwind.  Leon could barely make them […]

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Destiny: Whispers of Rain

Destiny: Whispers of Rain   “They scare me,” the child said softly, “with their howls and screams…they give me nightmares.” She peered over, watching a young boy hide within the embrace of his father, “I know, son”, he reassured, promising that one day he would make the ‘monsters’ disappear. But she knew all too well […]

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