Will of Crota

“Okay boys?” I looked around the room to see if any of the other Guardians would respond. Only a Guardian under the callsign of ‘Bearing’ said in a gravelly, deep voice “Ready as we’ll ever be.”

“Here is what we are dealing with,” said the commander. He pulled up a picture of a Witch who served under the Dark Prince Crota. One of the other Guardians said “Omnigul…” Omnigul had killed many other Guardians that had tried this before.

My group consisted of 3 Titans, 1 Hunter, and 2 Warlocks. For safety reasons, the Vanguard ruled that only 3 Guardians attempt this strike at a time. We secretly harbored 3 more people on our ships for the strike.

We landed outside of the complex and quickly took control of the area. After we secured the outside, we rushed inside to where Omnigul was waiting. We tried to koll her there but she disappeared before we could even break her shield. We worked through the complex until we had cornered Omnigul. That is where everything went wrong.

The commader went in first, popping a Ward of Dawn to protect us. Everyone else worked their way through and got behind cover. A Cursed Thrall exploded behind a Guardian, destroying him and his Ghost. The Hunter pulled out his Arc Blade and rushed forwards. He killed 3 enemies before a Knight swung his sword, killing him. We could have revived him had the Knight not crushed his Ghost in his hand.

Another Titan rushed forwards and used Fist of Havoc. He never hit the ground as Omnigul plucked him from the air. She suspended him in front of her.

His screams filled the room as she quite literally pulled the light from his body. Tendrils of pure light came off of his body and went into her hand. “Somebody stop her!” I don’t know who yelled that, but it was already too late.

We were quickly overwhelmed by Thrall. Another Guardian, a Warlock, was shot by an Acolyte. He used Radiance and self-revived.

We kept shooting at the various Hive that were attacking us. Another Cursed Thrall exploded the commander. He wasn’t killed, just shot forwards by the blast. He landed in the middle of a swarm of Thrall. He knew that death was inevitable, so he went in guns blazing. In one last battle-cry, he yelled “FOR THE TRAVELLER!”

It was just me and Bearing now. Bearing said “Get out of here. I’ll meet you outside.” That was the last time anyone ever saw him.

-End of Recording-

The Ghost said “That was my Guardian’s thoughts and audio from the others.” He paused and said “The mission was a complete failure…”

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