A caveat and a thanks! (Fireteam Builder Events)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Monday, March 07, 2016, 17:17 (1969 days ago) @ Kermit

Apparently that didn't help much. He just kept falling through the platforms :)

Let the record show that was no one, much less me, can jump on the platforms unless they're torn. I probably used to know this, but forgot in the hopes that there was a "safe space" where we could practice.

Oh you and your "safe spaces". ;)

Yeah, I know. ;) Creating "safe spaces" from the darkness are what the guardians are all about, right?

During an actual run later with Prof Ozy, I was given the opportunity to practice being the runner, and did okay (not that I didn't screw up, but I didn't screw up every time). I'm more comfortable and now feel like I won't break out into a cold sweat when I find myself torn.

My best advice is to learn to love jump-canceling/feathering. When running the Aura, use the following combo:

Sprint > Double Jump > L2 > Sprint the second you make contact with the ground > Repeat.

So wait, what does L2 do? If you've got Angel of Light enabled, you float, but otherwise does it cancel your jump? I've never used it that way. What subclass/perks do you recommend for the warlock? I've heard it's hardest with the Hunter and last night I was a hunter with triple jump and Bones of Eao.

Tapping it lightly cuts off the jump. It helps to ensure that tapping the jump button (X/A) is only used to activate a jump rather than cancelling it, which makes feathering easier.
All of the Warlock jumps are more or less identical, just make sure to have Focused Burst on. Double-tapping it as fast as possible equals farther and faster horizontal travel, which is what you want when making platform jumps.

I find that using Increased Height as a Hunter is easier to navigate with in general than Triple Jump; undershoot the first jump, then hold the jump until you're just clearing the platform. Less airtime equals faster jumps.

It will look like this:

Thanks for the vid. The refinement I made last night was with the camera. I realized I was looking slightly up to the next orb and not looking at my feet, which caused me to miss the platform. Sounds obvious but turning the camera slightly down so that I could see where I was landing was a big help.

Ah yeah. Watching videos of my gameplay, I often wonder why I do things. I found that I have a habit of looking up and to the left, because I do that IRL to check out the radar, then I have to readjust my camera back down to level it. It's weird how we can improve our gameplay just by realizing what we do subconsciously. On the flip side, it sometimes look like I spaz momentarily when I'm ADS in Crucible, but it's because I check the radar in quick glimpses rather than locating enemies first and then aiming. Hooray for playstyles!

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