Hunter jumping the platforms... (Fireteam Builder Events)

by squidnh3, Saturday, March 12, 2016, 14:52 (1964 days ago) @ Korny

It's somewhat harder with Hunters, since they do have to arc their jumps more than the other two classes, but they're not the worst class to do it with; Titans' floaty jetpacks slow you down quite a bit, leaving you with little time after they grab the relic. Plus, like you said, the Triple jump and/or Bones of EAO make it way more forgiving as a Hunter.

I find that using Increased Height as a Hunter is easier to navigate with in general than Triple Jump; undershoot the first jump, then hold the jump until you're just clearing the platform. Less airtime equals faster jumps.

Made a video of Hunter jumping to elaborate a bit on what I was talking about with Increased Height. If the distance is short, trigger the second jump much sooner rather than waiting until the distance maxes out. If the distance is long, undershoot it, and when you're a meter or so of falling, hold the second jump down. It's easier if you become familiar with how high the Double jump can actually take you at each stage of the jump.

Warlocks seem to be the the best class for the jumping, so it's probably better to practice with them. The floating makes it easier to adjust on the fly, while still having the challenge of precision and speed, especially if you want to get rid of stopping at all on the platforms.

I'm the one that told Kermit it was most difficult on Hunters. The first time I did Oryx, I was running as a Hunter (w/o any agility buff boots), so I became pretty familiar with the issues involved. I also use Increased Height, and an important part of that is holding the button down on the second jump to max out the height.

What also makes Hunters the most difficult is that in certain locations you actually have to wait until you are below the platform you are aiming for to jump for the second time. Unfortunately, you were lucky enough in the video to have the relic spawn in a location so as not to have to make the hardest jump, which is the jump between the platforms on either side of the spawn-right pillar. That's the longest gap between platforms, and is a prime stumbling location for a hunter. I know when I was doing the first Oryx runs I was always relieved when he would slam on the right side, since that meant I didn't have to make that jump.

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