Working on it... (DBO)

by Speedracer513 @, Dallas, Texas, Saturday, September 30, 2017, 08:19 (2192 days ago) @ Maeluu1

We need a clan motto and mission statement before we can guide in guided games. ImmortalVagabond and I wanted to guide a nightfall tonight but we're unable to

I have been trying to edit those fields since before D2 launched, but it gives me an error saying, "The provided clan name or clan tag is not acceptable, please choose another." There is obviously not anything wrong with our clan name or clan tag so there is something wrong with the system on Bungie's end.

We had decided to wait a few weeks after launch to see if the kinks got worked out on their own (as there have been a number of wonky things related to clans, and some of them got better in the weeks following launch and the clan migration process). But it has probably been long enough now, especially now that I know (as of this morning) that those fields are required to host guided games. Thus, I will be reaching out to BungieHelp to try to get this figured out ASAP.

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