So, I think this is it. I think I'm Destiny-ed out. (Destiny)

by Phoenix_9286 @, Tuesday, December 04, 2018, 16:49 (619 days ago)

Gaming is a hobby for me. It always has been. Since getting married and starting a life, it's had to take a backseat. For me and my wife. The hours of time I used to be able to set aside to immerse myself have evaporated. I'm lucky to get just a handful every evening.

I lament this change. We both do. But we've come to terms with it, and it doesn't matter if it's together or on our own, when we get a chance to sit down and play something, we're expecting our time to be respected and to have fun.

My wife ducked out on Destiny 2 before she even spent more than three hours at the Farm. It sucks, but I get it. Her job is even more demanding than mine, and she just didn't have time to commit to burning through the campaign to catch up, even if I was shouldering the load. In terms of things we can play together, we have far superior options.

I've spent a grand total of probably an hour and a half in the Dreaming City, but I've completed all the DLC up to now. I'm somewhere around 560 or 570. I tapped out after Festival of the Lost, because I was sick to death of the neverending grind. There was always something to chase just out of reach. Some new activity just a week away. Just a few more milestones and I'll be able to bump my light up.

All this to say: Gaming is my hobby. Not Destiny.

I thoroughly enjoy bombing through strikes, cracking wise at all the stupid things characters are saying, berating the Cryptarch for another garbage piece of loot.

I do not enjoy it when it becomes all I do every evening for the precious few hours I have available, only to see my investment go to waste because I wasn't doing the right thing, or don't have enough time to play. For all the good, cool things Forsaken brought to the game, this bullshit is not a thing I missed or ever wanted. So I tapped out, and I haven't missed it. I signed in for about half an hour last week to see the new seasonal offerings, and then logged right back out.

This article from Forbes (don't ask me why Forbes is talking about Destiny, it just popped up in my feed) isn't a good sign. I didn't buy the Annual Pass because it was a, frankly, pretty big dip into my wallet for a load of content that was vaguely defined, for a game that even then wasn't doing much to respect my time. Reading that isn't changing my mind in the slightest. You're telling me if I had actually purchased this content, I would basically be flashed the finger and told to fuck off until I'd wasted my precious time away grinding out goddamn engrams?

Nope. No. Sorry. I've watched this trend more and more towards becoming not just a game, but "the" game, and fuck off if you decide to play something else for awhile. This is pretty clearly doubling down on that, and should this actually be the case, should I buy this and only get little more than an hour of time out of it before I'm introduced to a solid brick wall I cannot pass without grinding out the same crap as always... I'm done. It's great there's all this new fresh wonderful end game content. It isn't great that I cannot get to any of this new fresh wonderful end game content, because I'm expected to only ever play one game.

Gaming is my hobby. Not Destiny

Alright. I feel better now that I've ranted and vented. Someone can tell me I'm wrong. Either way, I really am starting to feel like my Titan has run her course. I had good times, and I'm sure I'll still have more, and I certainly got my money's worth, but I have serious doubts I can be convinced to drop any more money into this title.

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