Alright, see you tomorrow, Raga! (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Tuesday, December 04, 2018, 17:37 (619 days ago) @ Phoenix_9286

This article from Forbes (don't ask me why Forbes is talking about Destiny, it just popped up in my feed) isn't a good sign.

Paul Tassi constantly writes gaming articles for Forbes, often just to complain about Destiny and other games (I could get paid to do that!?), giving them a lot of clicks from a market they otherwise wouldn't have. Usually his opinions are dumb and ignorable, but I can understand what he's saying in this article. There's no buffer to hook the casual player. It's instantly endgame mode, which is absolutely fine for the people who have hoarded their powerful bounties and the streamers who want to act over-excited about anything new, because they do need to make content for them... But everyone else just saw the goalposts stretch further out with nothing to visibly hold them over. They just have to keep grinding the same content as before.

I didn't buy the Annual Pass because it was a, frankly, pretty big dip into my wallet for a load of content that was vaguely defined, for a game that even then wasn't doing much to respect my time. Reading that isn't changing my mind in the slightest. You're telling me if I had actually purchased this content, I would basically be flashed the finger and told to fuck off until I'd wasted my precious time away grinding out goddamn engrams?

I'm lucky to get some solid hours for gaming in the evenings, but yeah. I used to juggle six characters, but the Forsaken changes dropped it down to one, until the Horror Story made two viable. On top of that, Destiny is not the only game that I play, so instead of hopping on to grind the same checklist every day, I go to other games, and have fun experiencing those, but I get left behind on content. I have no idea what a Wish Wall is, or what's going on in the Dreaming City. Heck, I barely found out what the Oracle Engine was last week. And forget raiding.

I dunno. I like grindy games, but I like my time being respected as well. The Mountaintop is literally the only thing I've done in Destiny the past week, and I'm 95% done with the quest, but I don't know what all I'll want to do after I get it besides hopping on to Crucible and Milestone stuff every once in a while, since I won't be buying the Annual Pass either.

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