Why Destiny never clicked for me... (Criticism)

by Blackt1g3r @, Login is from an untrusted domain in MN, Wednesday, January 02, 2019, 08:06 (262 days ago) @ General Battuta

It's possible that Destiny is just not the game for you any more. It clearly was, once - but it doesn't sound like you've had fun in a long time. And that sucks.

I could never get into Destiny because it abandoned what I saw as the heart of Halo's joy — fighting AI characters with clear personalities, who felt like they had the same senses, capabilities, and will to live as you, in a physics sandbox where unexpected and ridiculous things could happen in the chaos. Destiny always felt like a posed diorama populated by lifeless, tethered figures who didn't care whether they lived or died.

The fun in Destiny for me hasn’t been fighting the enemies for sure. I think that is one of the consequences of a “shared-world” shooter. I enjoyed PvP on it’s own a fair amount in the early D1 days but that has lessened over time. Instead what I enjoy about Destiny is playing with this community. I would never keep playing Destiny if I wasn’t playing with you guys.

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