Niobe Labs, and unlocking Black Armory Lore. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, January 07, 2019, 21:08 (229 days ago)

Niobe Labs hits tomorrow. I'm eager to see what sort of activity it is.

This release has done a pretty poor job of contextualizing the Forges, Ada-1, and the new raid, but that context is present in the lore pages, and it's interesting.

For anyone confused, I highly recommend hitting up Ishtar Collective and reading The Black Armory Papers. I'm sure Raga will get there in a year or two. (:

Long story short--Niobe Labs is where Ada-1 was created. It also may be key to her becoming a walking Forge herself (but also maybe not?), as she once was. And early Guardians seem like real dickheads, too.

These lore pages only drop from Gofannon Forge, and apparently at a not-great rate. I have a single page after dozens of runs through that Forge.

This may be old news, but I learned today that you can cheat it. Use Eververse armor at 10 power level to drop your average Power Level to around 250, then matchmake into Gofannon. The Forges matchmake based on power level, so you will either be placed in the Forge alone, or with similarly powered Guardians doing this cheese. Now, since you won't be ruining anyone's game, you are free to idle through the Forge. Auto-queue means you can let it run overnight, running the Forge on an endless loop. The short failure time means you won't get booted for inactivity. In the morning, you'll have some lore pages and a boatload of data lattice that you can turn into Failsafe for a shot at some Enhancement Cores.

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