Solo Primeval w/Melee Only. Got It. (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV, Seattle WA, Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 07:42 (98 days ago) @ Morpheus

I admit, a Shotgun/Fusion Rifle loadout is a little strange--I think I had some bounties that required kills with those weapons, or something I no longer remember. But regardless of what playstyle I do or don't use, it doesn't matter if I've equipped two sticks and a damn rock--If I'm getting almost the top number of kills, I SHOULD BE GETTING AMMO FROM SOMEWHERE. I literally have the 2nd highest amount of kills in that game on my team.

You basically got extremely unlucky, and/or missed a brick somewhere. As Malagate mentioned, it's very important in this meta to have the ammo perks on to get energy and heavy ammo.

What happened to the vacuum effect they so gloriously lorded over in one of their updates? Where if a player was low or completely out of ammo, in 15 seconds it would fill a substantial amount of ammunition for all three weapon slots?

That is for PvE only I believe.

What happened to spawning with fucking ammo?

If you die and respawn you get primary ammo. When you spawn at the start of the round you get kinetic and energy.

I had to run to bottom center because other than getting thrown around everywhere by the boss, recovering from point blank sniper shots and reviving my teammates who somehow die even though THEY have guns, I thought maybe I was missing a brick SOMEWHERE in that murky Taken shit.

Yeah, the updated boss slam is total bull shit. I really think they need to tone that down a little.

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