But How Is That Fair? (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 07:45 (98 days ago) @ Blackt1g3r

Two secondaries isn't going to work out unless all of your armor pieces have secondary ammo finder (or similar) perks. Personally I try to use a primary weapon, a secondary weapon (used sparingly for Majors mostly), and then run a bunch of Heavy Ammo finder perks so I almost always have heavies available when someone invades and/or for the Primeval. Bungie has tuned the ammo economy to ensure that you almost have to play with these perks because otherwise people who played with them would have too much heavy/secondary ammo.

I get that having two specials will clash, but they're still there for a reason--to serve as a choice or an option. How unfair would it be when if a player selected a certain game mode, a bunch of their weapons and armor suddenly greyed out and were not allowed in their activity just because?

Not that running with Shotgun/Fusion is an optimal idea, but it's there if someone wants to use that. And the issue with ammo economy--I still know plenty of people, in every form of Destiny be it competitive or cooperative--that run around with only shotguns and/or fusion rifles and they get so much ammo they never have to switch weapons even once.

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