You are not alone (Destiny)

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You are correct, it's not a horrible offense, but look at it from my perspective...as a commoner. I love playing Destiny and Bungie games, it's why I'm still here playing it. But most other commoners will move on pretty quickly.


Now imagine Johny Q. Common telling this exact same story about Destiny. There are SO many things that could be easily explained but they don't.

I've beaten 3 Escalation Protocols but have never opened a chest because you have to have some sort of key...I have no idea how to get that key. I've only played 1 nightfall because I have no idea how the cards work. I've given up on my Wayfarer badge because of this.

Everything about the Dreaming city is just a giant question mark.

All I'm saying is...it's not that hard to say "the thing" instead of waxing poetic about everything.

I'm not really Johnny Q. Common, I've been around the block a time or two. And I'm far too determined/stubborn to just move on and abandon now

I want you to know, that you are not alone in this. Seriously, I am in the same situation, I can't/didn't rush through the content at drop of the Expansion and was hastily left behind on The Dreaming City. The game didn't provide a clear direction or compelling reason to go to the Dreaming City nor explain anything when I figured out that I was supposed to go there (I don't know which Week #). I've been there only a handful of times but get lost and not progressed any. It is a stunningly beautiful area with much to explore (which I LOVE to do, but this only adds to the confusion).
I will not spend my limited play time, instead of playing, watching horrific explanation videos on YouBoob.
I saw there is a new vendor with new Bounties that I don't have the inventory space to even pick up nor the playtime to attempt them before they expire. My limited playtime has been mostly put towards
Gambit/Crucible/Strikes/Seasonal Events/Chase Limited Time pinnacle items/Triumphs/etc. I have limited play time and there is not much time left after doing all these other things, plus I like to sleep.

There are others out there in the same exact boat as you.

I am now deeply worried about myself, because I have just placed myself in the same Camp as the self professed Village Idiot. :(

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