So... you previously abandoned your Titan for another Class? (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Thursday, September 05, 2019, 22:18 (1069 days ago) @ INSANEdrive
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The Sentinel Titan subclass got some amazing buffs this time around after kinda being sidelined by Well of Radiance for the last year.

Defensive Strike: Melee ability that creates an overshield for nearby allies:
--All kills while the overshield is active grant melee energy for the player with the shield (works for all allies you grant a shield to)
--This is based upon enemy threat level from 5% (minors) to 25% (players and bosses)

Do you like using your charged melee? Stand near a Code of the Protector Titan when they are punching things and you'll get your melee back fast! A wave of Thrall could see your melee power recharged to 100% in just a few seconds.

Rallying Force: Melee kills heal nearby allies
--Heal buffed from 10 health and 10 shields to 10 health and 20 shields (50% increase)

Do you like not dying? Stand near that same Titan when going up against a crowd of light targets and you'll be getting about 1/8th of your hp back every time the Titan punches something.

Ward of Dawn: Alternate super that creates a shield bubble
Increase ward health versus supers:
--Most supers will require the whole thing to be dumped on the ward to destroy it but will (usually) not kill the players inside.
Ward grants weapons of light buff when passing through it (35% weapon damage for 15 seconds)
--Grants an additional super orb (3)

Do you like killing bosses? The bubble is now your only option to get a +35% damage buff since multiple damage buffs no longer stack and Well of Radiance got a nerf to +25% damage. Well might be more appropriate in some situations where the boss / enemies need to be shot at while they deal out a bunch of continuous damage, but for targets not constantly hitting a fireteams, Ward of Dawn is your highest damage buff by 10%. If you have a Titan that knows what they are doing, it can also give you a weak overshield each time you pass through the bubble (Helm of Saint-14) to provide some Well of Radiance-like damage protection.

Do you like frustrating invaders in Gambit? Convince your Protector Titan to wear his Voidfang Vestments so they regenerate a ton of Super energy by punching things. With that punch --> melee energy buff above, your Titan should almost always have a bubble ready to go for each invader until you get to the Primeval phase. And the Bubble will generally protect you even from enemy Supers!

Sentinel Code of the Aggressor (Bottom)
Shield Bash: Shoulder charge that disorients nearby enemies
Now suppresses the target hit and any enemy within 2 meters (have to be basically right next to them)

Are non-ranged roaming Supers getting your Crucible team down? Go get some bottom tree Sentinels to shoulder charge Guardians using Nova Warp, Fists of Havok, Burning Maul, Arc Staff, Arc Lightning, or Spectral Blades straight out of their Supers on a somewhat reliable basis! Have them wear their Mk. 44 Stand-Asides so they get an overshield while closing with their target and so they get half their melee energy (should charge) back if they hit their target.

Yeah, Titans are not just back on the menu. We will be the menu, come Shadowkeep.

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