Description of Problem (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Wednesday, October 09, 2019, 13:53 (476 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Here's what happens to me:

When I log in, I normally have some basic idea of what I'm in the mood for. Strikes, Crucible, patrol, a specific quest, whatever. So I fly to the Tower, and look through the quests page while it loads. "Ah", I say, "Here's something I can work on while doing that thing I logged in for. Is there anything else I can also work on?" I scroll through the list, hovering over each thing to try to remember what they involve so I can evaluate priorities. At the same time, I check my bounties. Do I have any about to expire? Probably, so now I try to decide if I care enough to change what my original plan was.

Let's say I stick to my original plan (Strikes, for example). Now I run around the Tower and grab bounties that might be relevant to what I'm about to do, Gunsmith especially. The Gunsmith has kinetic and sniper rifle bounties, while Zavala has grenade and fusion rifle bounties. Wait, what's the burn this week? Now I have to load up the Map menu to see that. Wait, which type of weapon did I need to kill Hive Majors with while on the Moon? Oh it was Arc abilities, so that doesn't matter, but can I make that work with the burn? What good exotic armor do I have for Arc subclasses that also has scavenger perks for sniper rifles?

What weapons do I even have on this character? Press back, press start, load up the weapon menu. Oh wait my shaders are full, better delete some. What was I looking for again? Oh yeah, wait doesn't it make more sense to have a primary slot sniper and an Arc secondary slot hand cannon? Oh wait, wasn't there a quest for pulse rifles? Do I have an Arc pulse rifle that I've been meaning to try out? What was the burn again? Why is my leg armor slot full?

Point made. There's just way too much information sprinkled around in way to many menus. I find myself constantly switching between the character and map/pursuits menus, which sucks because they both take forever to load (even with an SSD). I'm not sure there's any way to combine all that information into anything effective, especially since you don't know what the player is actually interested in doing.

What I would find useful would be some sort of checklist tool, similar to the tracking thing but visible outside of being in an activity. Maybe they could stick it on the left trigger blade that got mostly discarded. If you could go through your quests/bounties/map and designate up to 10 items as checklist items, and have them show up on your blade (which you would have to be able to pull up over the top of other menus), that would drastically speed up my "what to do" decision process.

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