Why doesn’t Destiny support gyro aim? (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Friday, November 22, 2019, 09:31 (232 days ago) @ Cody Miller

If you introduced that on a console, then you would basically have two builds to support two input devices because they are so different.

No, you have one build that supports both.

I understand it would basically be one build. I was simply saying it was two builds because it would basically be two versions of the game based on what input device you had.

If players want to use the inferior stick method, then they can. But they are not locked out of using gyro aim for ads, because the controller they play with already supports it (Dualshock 4).

The PC version of Destiny is one build that supports controllers and Keyboard + Mouse. Why do you suddenly think another build needs to be made for PS4, especially when it's literally the same controller I'm talking about?

I did not know the controller was officially supported by Bungie. Does that mean that the game switches to the controller version of the game when you use that input? Mean, does it lower recoil of weapons and all that jazz when you are using the controller? If so, great. I'm still going to point back to my earlier point that where it's a lot of work to add another input device because they have to figure out what works best for that input device in the context of the game. Just like they did with PC and the mouse and keyboard. Would it be worth the effort? Maybe? But my bet is that it wouldn't be for Bungie.

MGS 5 on PC does not officially support gryo aim. It was added by fans with custom configurations. This proves it's not difficult to implement. This is exactly what I tried and it was very good. Perhaps the steam controller simply has more precise motion controls, but it's honestly hard to go back.

I'm glad MGS 5 is the type of game that works with Gyro Aim and that you like it. Honestly.

I just have to push back a little when you sound surprised that Bungie hasn't added support for Gyro Aim yet. Because I honestly think it would be more work than you think it would be, and this is the most important part, for the game that they want to make. Meaning, I'm sure they could hack in the configuration to allow it to happen. But then it would meet their standards on how a game would play smoothly and fairly. Which is why they put in the work they did to make sure that all the core mechanics of the game felt good when you added an input device like the mouse and keyboard.

That's all I'm trying to say. This is Bungie we are talking about. You might think that is a negative thing. But I personally love them for making the core gameplay perfect regardless of how users interact with it.

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