Corridors of Time Quest (Destiny)

by DiscipleN2k @, Edmond, OK, Saturday, January 18, 2020, 11:19 (286 days ago) @ Oholiab

If you talk to Osiris, he's got a new quest this week to go back and further explore the Corridors of Time. When you start running through, however, you'll notice that all of the doors in each room are now open and if you run through the doors at random, it seems to go on forever.

At each of the obelisks throughout the system, sequences of symbols matching the ones in front of the doors in the CoT. If you run through the doors in these sequences, you'll find yourself at a lost treasure room (or something like that) that will award you with a bit of lore and what looks like a piece of a map of the Corridors below the glass floor in the room.

There are 19 sequences that award lore and one more that awards an emblem. However, even after collecting all of the lore and the emblem, the quest telling you to continue exploring the Corridors remains unchanged.

People have begun piecing together the maps they see beneath the treasure rooms (Time Lost Vaults, maybe?) into a larger "meta map" that seems to show paths connecting the vaults (each of which has one of the five symbols assigned to it) together.

I assume people are trying to run sequences of vault rooms now, but that's as far as I've followed it so far.

Here's the reddit thread if you're interested.


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