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What other games have y'all played this year? Anything good?

I was going to make a “Games I played this year” thread, but I don’t actually think I played new games that I liked well enough to talk about. There are a few though.

Well I guess I'm test'n that theory aren't I? ;D

I’ve talked about it before, but Hades is incredible. It’s the one game this year that I can recommend with no caveats whatsoever. If you like video games at all, this game is worth at least checking out. I really think it showcases the strengths of the medium. That’s not to say it like pushes the medium forward in crazy ways, but it’s got a neat story with great characters, fantastic art and music and presentation, great combat and gameplay with cool upgrades and long term progression rewards. It’s just a very good video game ass video game. I legitimately think it’s probably the best video game to come out this year in terms of quality and quantity of content and being a complete package. I love it.

Sans Diablo II, I don't think I've played any "Roguelikes" styled games. Even then, I have heard much praise about this game. What about it makes it so cream of the crop?

Risk of Rain 2, however, has stolen my heart a little bit. Whereas Hades is a video game that happens to be a rogue like I can recommend to just about every one, Risk of Rain 2 is a rogue like that I would be careful about recommending, but it is a damn good game. It has a great diversity of gameplay styles and builds, with some much randomness in each run based upon the item drops you get. I love the style, the music is incredible, and there seem to be plenty of secrets to find. It doesn’t have the narrative drive of Hades, but it’s a bit more compelling to me on a individual run basis, as there is just so much variety. I really love this game.

I'll give this a look.

I made a thread about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I really like it, tons of fun, although I’m now 35 hours in and not even halfway through the available zones on the map, so I’m not sure I’ll end up finishing it.

So how "This is a modern UBISOFT game" is it?

We’ve talked a bunch about Cyberpunk already. I like it, I’m also about 35 hours in on that game. I said it multiple times and then just kept playing, but I think I’m really going to wait for patches at this point—I still keep hitting all sorts of annoying bugs, even if they aren’t game breaking.

It’s not a new game, but I’ve started playing Remnant: From the Ashes again. It’s a really fantastic third person shooter dungeon crawler. it has some similarities to Dark Souls in the general gameplay loop, but I think that’s way overstated in the way the game is typically talked about. It’s a really fun co op game. It’s also on Game Pass!

Man... you've really been all about that dungeon crawler life in 2020. Two Roguelikes and a third person dungeon crawler? Seems kind of freudian. :P

Is "Remnant: From the Ashes" as hard as Dark Souls, but in a shooter setting?

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