V1 Interactive is shutting down. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Friday, March 19, 2021, 10:38 (48 days ago) @ Korny

It’s hard to judge. I play plenty of regular ass single player games, but I also have a lot of those in my backlog still while my monkey brain gorges on The Division 2 and Destiny and Apex Legends.

But how much of that is because they’re service games offering a new carrot around every corner, and how much is because they’re just damn good games that are fun to play? I can’t realistically judge that, but as much as I used to wish that Destiny was just Halo (meaning a finite single player campaign with a separate multiplayer mode), I thoroughly believe I was wrong about that. Even when it’s not great, I like having a reason to jump back into that game for a few weeks (or more). And without that model, I don’t think we’d have seen many of the raids, or the exotic missions, which are legitimately some of my favorite experiences in gaming.

I don’t think live service games can be blamed all that much. They might be a factor, in that time is limited for everyone, and you can only play so many games. But every time we see this narrative, we also see something else come into an already crowded market and do well. Overwatch and Rocket League and Apex Legends and Valheim and the list goes on.

I don’t think we can blame the failure of Disintegration on live services games, when it’s far more easily explained by the fact that it wasn’t a very good game. Maybe something like Game Pass would have let it find an audience, but I sort of doubt it.

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